PA man suspected of luring children in Sequim

Sequim Police Department seeks any new information on a 71-year-old Port Angeles man they suspect of allegedly luring children.

Ken Schilling was escorted from school grounds on Sept. 18 at Helen Haller Elementary by principal Becky Stanton for attempting to speak with students, Sgt. Darrell Nelson said.

Schilling was then pulled over by School Resource Officer Kindryn Leiter, Nelson said, and later given a “No Trespass” order from all of its campuses at the school district’s request.

He was later arrested that night for allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana and booked into Clallam County Jail with bail set at $1,000.

A notice circulated to parents and guardians from Sequim Schools superintendent Gary Neal about the “No Trespass” order but it did not reveal Schilling’s identity.

Neal said, “At no time were children at risk as a principal and our (School Resource Officer) was on site and involved in the situation from the beginning.”

Nelson said Schilling does not have a criminal history, did not have a weapon and was on Helen Haller’s campus but not any other school property.

Sequim Police continue to investigate Schilling’s activities near the school and community, including dozens of online posts and testimonies from parents about him, Nelson said.

For now, Schilling will be charged with the misdemeanor — disobeying school district personnel — along with his DUI charge.

First reports about Schilling came to Sequim Police on the first day of school, Sept. 5, when he went to Helen Haller Elementary and asked for directions, Nelson said.

Over several weeks more calls came in, he said, but none of the incidents were deemed a crime.

Nelson and Leiter then began looking at Schilling’s activity holistically, to see if he was attempting to lure children and if there are mental health resources available for him.

Schilling has a “significant” mental health history, Nelson said, but said he could not comment further.

Schilling will be arrested again if he violates the school’s request for a “No Trespass” in the next three years.

“Our hope, even we are only able to file a misdemeanor charge, is to work through the court system to get any mental health resources he may need while maintaining the peace and protecting the kids,” Nelson said.

“If he committed a crime trying to lure a child, we want to hold him accountable for this.”

Nelson said Leiter took a proactive role in investigating Schilling.

“She’s been diligently working on this and she’s followed a lot of leads and tracked down any potential victims,” Nelson said.

Nelson said they continue to accept new information about Schilling’s alleged luring activity at schools and/or in the community by calling the Sequim Police Department at 360-683-7227.

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