Peninsula College to get funds for students

Peninsula College officials expect to receive $582,200 to allocate to students for such expenses as room and board, tuition, childcare, health care, food and technology.

More than $6 billion in emergency funds to help students impacted by the novel coronavirus will be distributed “immediately” to colleges and universities, including Peninsula College, according to Department of Education (ED) Secretary Betsy DeVos, the college reported on Friday.

The CARES Act provides institutions with significant discretion on how to award this emergency assistance to students, officials said.

Meetings will begin early this week to develop a plan for getting funds to students.

“We are quickly developing manageable and equitable distribution of these funds for our students,” said David Minger, interim associate dean for enrollment services.

“Disbursement is expected to begin shortly,” Minger said.

In a call with stakeholders on Thursday afternoon, Under Secretary Diane Jones said funds could be sent to institutions as early as Wednesday.

The funds are part of the more than $14 billion earmarked for colleges and universities as part of the Education Stabilization Fund included in the third coronavirus stimulus package, which was signed into law by President Donald Trump late last month.

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