Random Questions: Patrick Young

If there’s a major car wreck or a fire, Patrick Young is likely to be there for Clallam County Fire District 3.

Patrick Young

Patrick Young

If there’s a major car wreck or a fire, Patrick Young is likely to be there for Clallam County Fire District 3.

He’s served as the fire department’s public information officer since October 2010 and he also serves as a fire inspector. Young was born in Charlotte, N.C., and lived along the East Coast before moving to Port Townsend in 1995. He medically retired in 2005 and went into fire prevention in Napa, Calif., before coming to Sequim. He has a 9-year-old son Jackson and a wife Melissa.




Question 2: Why did you move to Sequim?

Young: The reason I’m in the Northwest is because my aunt and uncle retired from the FBI to Sequim. I visited them in 1994 and a year later began testing for fire departments and got hired a year later in Port Townsend.

My uncle was a medical trainer for the Seattle Supersonics and Los Angeles Lakers. After he retired he was the medical trainer in Quantico, Va., for the FBI. My aunt was a secretary for the FBI.

They fell in love with Sequim because the Sonics used to do camps in Port Angeles.




Question 12: What is your earliest memory of Sequim?

Young: I remember hiking along Hurricane Ridge trail in 1994. It was one of those things that made me fall in love with the area.




Bonus Question 1: What is your earliest memory of firefighting?

Young: Fire fighters coming to my junior high school with the Boy Scouts Explorer program. I joined at 14. It exposed me to heroes running into buildings and it’s all I’ve done for all of my adult life.




Question 27: If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Young: I’d go kayaking along the beaches of Costa Rica. I’m a sea kayaker and I love the warm water and the idea of sleeping along the water intrigues me.




Bonus Question 1: What’s an incident you’ve reported to that stands out in Sequim?

Young: There was an incident that involved two cars and 10 people. There was one person in a car and nine people in a minivan. There were no deaths thankfully but it was a lot of people.


Question 30: What’s the latest news story that stands out to you?

Young: The missing plane and how something that large can disappear with what appears no trace. I’ve heard all the theories and still don’t have a clue what could’ve happened.




Question 44: Would you rather live to 100 or go out in a blaze of glory much sooner?

Young: I’m definitely not afraid of death not that I would want to go out soon. After 29 years of doing what I’ve done, it can come anytime. I tell my wife and kid ‘I love you’ every opportunity I get.




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