Spiritual crash course starts at Sequim Community Church

Sequim Gazette staff

Questions of life, death, Christianity and other faiths are fair game at Sequim Community Church’s Alpha course. The Rev. Rick Dietzman leads discussions for nine weeks beginning Thursday, April 8, on the basics of Christianity and spirituality.


The free weekly meet-ings run 5:30-8:15 p.m. Thursdays, with dinner and child care provided. Dietzman said the event caters to new Christians but is open to all levels of faith and all beliefs each week.


The Alpha course schedule includes these topics:

• April 7 — “Who is Jesus (and Why Is He Relevant to Me)?”

• April 14 — “Why Did Jesus Die?”

• April 21 — “Why and How Should I Read the Bible?”

• April 28 — “Why and How Do I Pray?”

• May 5 — “How Does God Guide Us?”

• May 12 — “Who is the Holy Spirit?”

• May 19 — “What About the Church?”

• May 21 — Saturday Alpha Day Retreat.

8:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

• May 26 — “Why and How Should We Tell Others?”

• June 2 — “How Can I make the Most of the Rest of My Life?”


Reach Dietzman at Sequim Community Church, 950 N. Fifth Ave., Sequim; call 683-4194 Ext. 19 or e-mail rick@sequimcommunitychurch.org.