Strait Shot schedules to change

State ferries amending Bainbridge ferry runs

Clallam Transit’s Route 123, the Strait Shot, will operate on a modified schedule for the next two weeks while construction at Seattle’s Coleman Dock narrows docking to one slip.

The modification was made after Washington State Ferries announced a temporary change to the sailing schedules for both the Bremerton and Bainbridge Island ferry routes. The schedule change began Saturday and will run through Jan. 20.

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Because ferries are operating out of only one slip, some ferry crossings may take longer than normal to prevent more than one ferry from arriving or departing the slip at the same time, state ferries said in a press release.

Most departure times will shift between five and 30 minutes, but sailings later in the evening may shift as much as one hour.

Closing one of the two slips provides more space for the contractor to complete work on the north side of the dock.

The work includes removing the remainder of the old terminal, removing the old wooden piles and driving in new steel piles that will support the deck for the new passenger terminal.

During the two-week closure, printed ferry schedules may not be accurate. Sailing schedules on the Department of Transportation’s website,, and its smartphone apps will reflect the correct schedules.

Colman Dock is the state’s largest ferry terminal and supports transportation across Puget Sound between downtown Seattle and communities in Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula.

In 2018, more than 10 million people used the state’s flagship terminal, which is aging and vulnerable to earthquake damage.

Construction to replace the terminal began in August 2017 and will continue until 2023.