Test of tsunami sirens to sound today

The All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) sirens will sound along the low-lying coastal beaches at noon today (Monday, Jan 7), in efforts to warn people of the arrival of distant source tsunami waves.

Jefferson and Clallam County will test their AHAB sirens in Jefferson County, Diamond Point, Dungeness, Morse Creek, Port Angeles Marine View Drive, Lower Elwha Community Center, Clallam Bay, Neah Bay and LaPush.

Clallam County officials encourage those who hear the Winchester chimes — followed by a message indicating this is a test — to consider their current plan to evacuate an area and how to quickly get to higher ground.

The Washington State Emergency Management Division has developed pole-mounted siren systems that are now deployed throughout the state’s coast and inland waterways.

An indoor notification test of AHAB radio systems is set for noon Wednesday, Jan. 9, testing NOAA AHAB radios that some Peninsula residents have inside homes and businesses.

For more details about the siren system, visit the Washington State Emergency Management Division website at: mil.wa.gov/static/78/tsunami.