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  • Wednesday, March 19, 2014 2:23pm
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The birds we all love to hate but really miss when they’re gone.

I’ve got many ready reasons why I can’t wash the car. In fact, I have them listed on my sleeve, like a pro quarterback so that I can have an appropriate response every time Wife Nancy might mention how dirty our family purveyor has become.

You are welcome to use any of the following:

_ It’s too hot to wash the car.

_ This is a no-watering day according to our water-rationing schedule.

_ I just had my nails done and they need 24 hours to cure.

_ The swallows are nesting in the roof tiles and I’m afraid that I will frighten them away from their nests.

_ We’re on our way over to Spokane to see the grandkids and you know how bad the bugs will be; so I’ll wait until we’re back.

_ The gulls have moved in and I’m out of hats to wear. (This one is my excuse of choice).

I’d be most interested in any of your seagull stories you’d be willing to share. Please send them to Follisj@aol.com and put the word "Gazette" somewhere in the title to get it past my spam screen.

The snowbirds

are back

Isn’t it great living in

Sequim? The birds are chirping, the weeds are growing, the leaves are popping out, the colors are in full glory, we have more good days than bad days and the weather whiners are dormant.

But then, one of the best reasons to live in Sequim is that nothing is forever. In fact by the time this piece is put into print, it probably will be raining frogs and dogs.

Oh say, can you see?

I was reminded of how difficult it is to locate left-turn lanes, center lines and parking lines when a cataract (driver with limited vision) pulled across my bow from beside me as I prepared to make a left-hand turn. I was not pleased, as you can well imagine. Re-alphabetizing everything that belonged under the seats and returning my mail and newspapers back on the seat beside me makes me cranky.

But, I must admit; it is very difficult to see the markings on the pavement. I suspect that they will be repainted in time but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

House on fire

When the fire department gets permission to destroy a house by burning it down to the foundation, I’m always perplexed.

I can definitely see the positives of providing real-live experience for firemen in training. Simulating a fire just can’t match the real thing.

However, I also see a lot of building material going up in smoke. Besides, I’m always worried that they could get the wrong house. It would be a real live practice session if they torched off a house full of sleeping citizens.

Faith testing

More than likely, I’m out of town as you are reading this copy. But I absolutely intend to be here when Sequim High School presents the "Beauty and the Beast." Isaac Boekelheide is my reason. If he can make it back from April brain surgery, then I should be able to make it back from visiting relatives. Can you believe this young man’s strength?

I have another reason to make it back to town to watch Isaac’s performance in the operetta.

A friend, who I worked with for many years, has a couple of very adventurous sons who always have lived their lives on the high wire and now Jason has taken a spill. While working in Greenland, he got caught out in a whiteout and was not heard from for nearly a week.

He spent three days in a snow cave and then elected to make a break for it and walk back to base camp on his own. The toll as of this writing has been one hand, amputated up 6 inches on his arm, all his toes, and one foot on notice.

Jason is reported to have promised that he "walked into here (the hospital) and would walk out." I have no doubt that he will outlast all the pain,

will adjust to all the prosthetics and will inspire us all to truly appreciate his strength.

I’ve met Isaac Boekelheide’s parents and I certainly know Jason’s parents. All four of them are such special people. Small wonder that their children turned out to be so special.

Yep, I’m going to that performance. Will I see you there? The operetta continues May 14-16 at the high school.

Jim Follis is a retired school administrator, has published two books and currently writes three newspaper columns. Eating, drinking and making merry are his professed hobbies. Traveling, trekking and observing people follow not far behind.

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