From the Back Nine: Chip shots

It’s too early in the new year for me to exercise sustained thought, so I’m starting slow with a round-up of dust bunnies hidden in my gray matter:

1. These days, we’re using the trade speak of mental health to pick on each other a trifle too freely. CNN recently warned of this, and I tend to agree. “I gray rocked the narcissist who’s bread-crumbing me” may sound like I am a hipster with my thumb on the heartbeat of modern issues, but mostly it is proof I don’t have the sense God gave a goose.

Before we throw terms around, it’s probably a good idea to seek definitions from the brainiacs who invented them to describe issues more serious than computer dating.

2. Sis read an article with news in home building. Apparently, a Japanese manufacturer is intent on making a house about the same price as a car. They are doing it via 3-D printing as a starting point. The result is an eco-friendly, larger-than-tiny house of concrete and steel.

This goes onto the list of things that make my brain ache while I try to comprehend. I like the idea of getting rid of items I no longer need, but I’m not sure I’m ready for a printed house of one-size-fits-all when I already know how disappointing that is in clothing.

3. One of our rescues is a street dog named Jinx. It has taken her several months, but she has finally trained us to her way of thinking regarding most things. She likes to tunnel under the junipers to see what she can find. This apparently gets her out of hearing range of, “COME HERE NOW.”

It also rattles the birdies who live their lives in there, safe from bigger birds. The other day, she flushed out the neighbor’s cat who levitated with bird body in mouth, then hightailed it for home.

Result: The neighbors are pleasant but cool, the cat has not crossed our paths again, and Jinx appears as pleased as Snoopy with Woodstock.

4. I managed to fulfill a 2023 resolution with three days to spare. I sent a manuscript of poetry off to attract a publisher. This is the quickest way I know to break your own heart and earn virtually nothing if you actually do succeed.

Wish me luck. It’s always nice to start the new year off on a positive note!

Linda B. Myers has authored 10 novels available locally and on Amazon. And maybe one of these days, a book of poetry will join the list. You can reach her at