From the Back Nine: Old dogs, new tricks

I had a terrific Thanksgiving. I proved to be a carving failure, however; by the time I served, the bird was literally a hot mess. It could have been a salmon if the wings weren’t sort of visible. Regardless of my knife skills, it was a lovely dinner even if we no longer have a male to carry on the cut-up tradition. I hope your day was filled with a great plenty of love and laughter, as well.

I am, luckily, getting further around the back nine each year. The aches of old age accompany me on the course, of course. But I am thrilled to announce that a joy of learning does, too. I really thought we oldsters would quit wanting to feed our heads. And I admit I have backed off politics as too painful to digest on a daily basis. While I also admit that a snooze next to the fire is pleasant, it is certainly not fulfilling to the old beanpot. New things are as delightful now as they ever were.

For instance, I have been taking a poetry class from Peninsula College’s community program. I’ve learned to write villanelles and pantoums. Two weeks ago, I didn’t know what either was. This is a small enough Zoom group that I’d say friendships are deepening between us all. We’re supportive. How nice is that? Look into community ed programs if you haven’t. Take something you never thought about before. I’m considering embalming for the next field of study.

Something else new: Sis and I looked around the house and decided we have room for a short-term renter. Maybe a traveling nurse, now that so many medical workers need a little help in that department. We thought it would be easy. But, ye gods, the amount of grunting, groaning, bickering. I am now a real estate stager, used furniture dealer, moving lady, landlady-to-be. I have been forced to actually understand the Roku-cable connection. We are developing a rental agreement now. So far we don’t allow spitting on the sidewalk, the playing of disco music, or applying any kind of cutlery to the furniture.

We’ve redone our own rooms in the process. If you squint long enough at a room you have rearranged, you can nearly convince yourself you’re on vacation. Maybe we’ll have an open house when COVID is in everyone’s rear view mirrors.

Keep learning, stay vital. I think that will be my New Year resolution. Which means useless worry about killer hornets has moved lower on my to-do list. Year-end happiness for you and yours from this tricky old dog on the back nine.

Linda B. Myers is a founding member of Olympic Peninsula Authors. Her newest historical novel, “Dr. Emma’s Improbable Happenings,” is available at Port Book and News, One of a Kind Gallery and on Contact her at