Guest opinion: Time for our communities to come together

Time for our communities to come together

To our communities:

We are tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to serve you in your local government.

This year has been unprecedented in our lifetimes. Emotions are running high and each day seems to bring a new crisis. People are not hearing each other, and some are being marginalized.

As we move beyond the election, eventually emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and engage more deeply in some difficult community conversations, we challenge you to channel your devotion for your community into positive and inclusive dialogue that results in collective action towards building stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

Our communities did not become what they are today without people putting aside their differences, recognizing that they are neighbors with common interests, having mutual respect, and working together to create better futures.

After 2020, we have plenty of work to do together. We encourage you to join us in 2021 in the work of not just bringing our communities back, but in making them better than ever before.


Charlie Bush — City manager, City of Sequim

John Mauro — City manager, City of Port Townsend

Nathan West — City manager, City of Port Angeles

Rich Sill — County administrator, Clallam County