How did our lawmakers vote?

Local lawmaker roll call, provided by

House Bill 1105

Makes supplemental appropriations for the 2013-2015 state operating budget. This is the first measure to pass both houses of the Legislature this session.

After adoption of Senate amendments the bill will add $217.9 million to the current state budget’s spending level of $33.8 billion.

The earlier House-passed version of the bill sought to add slightly more spending, $299.2 million. Gov. Inslee signed the bill on Feb. 19.

Passed the House on Jan. 29 by vote of 83-15

Rep. Steve Tharinger (D-Sequim) Y

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege (D-Sequim)         Y

House Bill 1091

Prohibits computerized interference in ticket sales over the Internet.

This measure would outlaw so-called “ticket bots,” computer software that automatically beats humans trying to buy seats for popular sporting events.

The bill makes it a violation of the state Consumer Protection Act to use a computer program to buy up tickets and then re-sell them at higher prices.

Passed the House on Feb. 16 by vote of 98-0

Rep. Tharinger  Y

Rep. Van De Wege  Y

Senate Bill 5052

Establishes the Cannabis Patient Protection Act. This bill would adopt a comprehensive law that would use the regulations in place for the recreational marijuana market to provide regulation for the medical use of marijuana.

Passed the Senate on Feb. 13 by a vote of 36-11.

Sen. James Hargrove (D-Hoquiam)            Y


Senate Bill 5267

Establishes the accessible legislative testimony act. This measure requires the Legislature and legislative agencies, through the joint legislative systems committee, to develop processes for both mobile devices and computers to allow the public to provide testimony on pending legislation through prerecorded videos and written statements.

Passed the Senate on Feb. 13 by vote of 46-0

Sen. Hargrove  Y


House Bill 1100

Creates new appliance energy efficiency standards.

The bill would impose new energy efficiency standards for certain products sold or installed in Washington, including halogen and LED lamps, heating and air conditioning systems, and certain fluorescent light fixtures. Passed the House on Feb. 12 by vote of 50-47

Rep. Tharinger Y

Rep. Van De Wege Y