Letters to the Editor — April 5, 2017

  • Wednesday, April 5, 2017 1:30am
  • Opinion

Actions antithesis to law

“Enough is enough” (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, March 29, page A-10) a presumably elderly woman expressed desire for our community to be “a place for law and order.”

Having observed a minor traffic offense, she took the law into her own hands and jeopardized her safety by physically blocking the errant ingress of a vehicle.

Damaging the offending vehicle with her cane, however, is the antithesis to the law and order she so vehemently promotes and subjects her to legal action as well.

Fortunately, her age and gender likely shielded her from becoming a speed bump!

Roger B. Huntman


How do you defend Trump’s actions?

The horror of this so-called administration, who apparently are under the delusion that they’ve been appointed as authoritarian rulers, continues its assault on American families in its mere 70-day reign of terror.

All the while they are in the deep, dark, stenchy swamp of their own making, with national security and ethics investigations at every level growing by the day. How dare they mess with our children’s lives and futures, on multiple fronts!

To people who voted for this administration, how do you feel now? I really want to know. How do you support taking away education for kids with special needs? Defunding school lunches for poor kids? How do you explain to your mother with cancer that all gains in research will be slowed or stopped so the Trump mafia can instead build a $20-$40 billion wall that the majority of Americans don’t want?

Or explain to your grandfather that his Medicaid benefits might be cut, leaving him homeless, so that the administration can instead funnel billions to defense contractors?

How do you justify legalizing lead bullets and murdering hibernating bears and cubs on our public lands?

Or reversing scientifically-backed regulations that protect our precious air, water and soil, all to increase profits for the 1 percent?

How do you tell your high school student, with dreams of being a doctor or engineer, that only the wealthy can now go to college?

This administration is on the fast track to burning down our exceptional nation and to turning over all facets of your lives to the mega-rich Koch brothers, the billionaire class (fully represented in his Cabinet) and corporations.

Their lies and crimes notwithstanding, their policies will cause tremendous human suffering and environmental catastrophes.

You, Trump voters, allowed this carnage to happen to our great country! Generations of military families should especially be angry that you have squandered our singular beacon of democracy and the freedoms they so valiantly fought and died for.

If you voted for him, you need to fix this … while we still have a country.

Cheryl Smith


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