Letters to the Editor — Aug. 10, 2022

A ‘dangerous shift’ in our society?

Sequim is an exceptional small city! It has clearly benefited from industrious hard work, sound leadership and sacrifice. A high quality of life city, gifted to us in trust.

Sadly, we are seeing an increased spillover of current social problems arriving in Sequim. Do we have the political will to resist allowing our treasured city to become spoiled and slowly deteriorate as is happening in nearby communities? Sequim is different, and should remain so!

Gary Miller


But wuzzit true

Time for another exciting game of “But Wuzzit True,” featuring statements made by President Biden:

As an example, Biden vowed that he would not shut down the economy but would shut down the virus (foxnews.com). But wuzzit true? Because the economy quickly lost 22 million jobs (marketplace.org) and the virus surged, killing some 600,000 people since his election (johnlocke.org). And we now struggle with yet another wave of infections and familiar problems.

As another instance, Biden asserted that the rise in gas prices was Putin’s fault (washingtonpost.com). But wuzzit true? Because records reflect that Putin’s military buildup accounted for but a fraction of the overall rise in gas prices. (politifact.com)

And again, Biden insisted that he was doing everything possible to reduce gas prices. But wuzzit true? Because the Institute for Energy Research identified 100 separate Biden directives that have actually impeded oil and gas production leading to price increases at the pump. (thehill.com)

Not forgetting that Biden insisted that inflation was his top priority (whitehouse.gov). But wuzzit true? Because if it was his top priority, he failed miserably as inflation continues at a four-decade high. (politico.com)

Still speaking of inflation, Biden claimed that inflation world-wide “was worse everywhere but here.” But wuzzit true? Because U.S. inflation of 8.3 percent — as of April 2022 — dwarfed those of Japan, France, Germany, Britain and Canada (foxbusiness.com) and, more recently, jumped still further to 9.1 percent. (bloomberg.com)

If truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps Bidens eyes have weakened to the point that he may need glasses … rose-colored ones at that …

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles

Don’t blame the woman

Ethan Harris (“Best day for the unborn,” Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, July 6, page A-11) trots out the facile and hostile trope of women wanting “to escape the consequences of … irresponsible sexual behavior.”

What was the irresponsible sexual behavior of the 10-year-old child in Ohio who was raped when she was 9? What is the irresponsible behavior of any rape or incest victim? What sort of monster wants to force a child as young as 10 years old to be pregnant?

“Irresponsible sexual behavior” is a pretty smug assertion. The people making that assertion have no idea what actions resulted in the pregnancy. If they knew, that might deny them the pleasure of judging others. If they knew, it might cause them to question their beliefs. If they knew, they might have to admit they were wrong. If they knew, they might have to admit that the behavior was responsible, such as relying on contraception to work or trusting partners to be responsible.

In Mr. Harris’s world it is always the woman that is guilty of irresponsible behavior. No mention or acknowledgement of the man’s irresponsible behavior. Is this just an inconvenient fact or did they miss the biology lesson about men being involved in pregnancy?

Let us not forget the complicity of the people who won’t countenance sex education in school. Or want science-free sex education. Or favor the abstinence model of sexual education. If anyone, regardless of sex, doesn’t learn about sex and contraception, why is pregnancy unexpected?

Severne Johnson


SCOTUS: Another political hack agency

Question: Women, are your Constitutional privacy rights at risk with five male SCOTUS justices overturning about 50 years of Roe v. Wade settled law? As U.S. citizens, do you have a right to privacy in your lives?

Woman Justice Sotomayor suggested the SCOTUS may not be able to survive the “stench” of this action. Has the SCOTUS become just another political hack agency with a politically-biased agenda? You decide!

For women, it is commonly known that much of their health care and medications are connected with their reproductive systems. Now, many states are questioning every discussion between a woman and her health care professional, as if it might have something to do with reproduction, when it’s really none of their business!

Why, all of a sudden, after 50 years, is a woman’s right to privacy lost? There is no logical explanation! Justice Alito’s leaked opinion on the Roe/Wade subject in May 2022, did indicate a personal long standing prejudice on the subject.

In 2004, a book on conservatism was written by Thomas Frank titled “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” In the first week of August, 2022, the citizens of the USA found out nothing is the matter with Kansas! Sixty percent of Kansas voters in a very conservative (red) state voted to retain women’s privacy protections provided by their state’s constitution, something the U.S.’s constitution and its SCOTUS couldn’t continue providing after 50 years of settled law.

Enough said!

Dick Hahn


Trump is coming back

With reference to “Preserving democracy with truth and accountability” (Letters to the Editor, Sequim Gazette, July 27):


We Americans will return President Trump to office in Nov. 2024 and together with him we will wipe out the plague of evils caused by the Democrats pervading American society today.


Ethan Harris