Letters to the Editor — Jan. 10, 2024

Stand for our republic

As a retired military officer and former Republican (more than 30 years), I take issue with the Jan. 3 letter “Will our republic stand?” (Sequim Gazette, page A-7)

The author proclaims Trump the “greatest” and Biden the “worst” presidents using empty rhetoric. So what has the “worst” president been up to the last three years? He expanded benefits for veterans exposed to toxins while serving our country. He rallied NATO allies to support Ukraine against Putin’s unprovoked attack.

He passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, something Trump talked about for four years. He incentivized semiconductor production in America so we won’t have to import chips from China.

He cut costs for Medicare beneficiaries, capping out-of-pocket costs and negotiating drug prices. He empowered the IRS to pursue wealthy tax evaders who cheat the government out of $600 billion dollars every year (Treasury Department).

The author says elected officials ignore the Constitution. I agree. The president takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Trump betrayed the Constitution and country by refusing to take action while an armed domestic group stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

With regard to border troubles, U.S. law allows migrants to seek asylum and have their claim be heard. Only Congress can fix this. Maybe they prefer a grievance rather than a solution.

Yes, I’m worried our republic won’t stand if Trump is returned to the White House. Let’s stand for our republic and make sure that doesn’t happen.

Louis Kalmar