Letters to the editor — Jan. 13, 2021

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021 1:30am
  • Opinion

Liberty and freedom are not free

Editor’s note: this letter was submitted prior to actions calling for Bush’s resignation on Jan. 11.

As we watched a mob try to take over the Capitol building on Jan. 6, we saw one of the most aggressive leaders of this mob chase a policeman up the stairs threatening violence to anyone in his way … no plan, no purpose, other than to promote blind sedition against the democracy of the United States.

And what was this thug wearing? A QAnon shirt. (See a video of a Capitol police officer running for safety as pro-Trump mob chases him at cnn.com.)

So Charlie Bush and members of the Sequim City Council, you all still feel the personal feelings/beliefs of a public official (mayor William Armacost) are OK as long as he doesn’t talk about it publicly?

Until when? Until he acts on those beliefs?

To think that one can separate core beliefs from their daily responsibilities as a public official shows the level of ineptitude you are all have on this issue. By dodging the subject and not speaking up you are complicit by default.

Find a backbone and do your job.

Or perhaps you all should consider amending the “Welcome to Sequim” sign, adding “Qanon members welcome!”

Dennis Hamner


Vote for school district’s EP&O levy

We are living in challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic, political fault lines, economic hardship and distance learning. Hopefully, the coming vaccines will help us limit the spread and people can get back to work and students can get back to school full time.

This is where you can help. Sequim’s current Educational Programs and Operations levy expires in 2021. This local funding represents about 17 percent of the district’s total annual budget.

The district will be holding a levy election with ballots due by Feb 9. A yes vote renews the levy for four years, ensuring funding for things the state doesn’t fully fund such as school nurses, counselors, a Highly Capable program and extracurricular activities such as drama, music, athletics, tutoring programs and field trip experiences.

A yes vote affirms that our community values these services, programs, and experiences for our students. Please join us in supporting Sequim’s schools by voting yes to renew.

Eric Danielson and Christine MacDougall Danielson


Community support key for Boys & Girls Club

Thankful for the heroes that work at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula.

During these trying times, they never missed a beat taking care of the children of essential workers. I cannot imagine what would happen if we didn’t have these angels for our children.

As a past board member, I can tell you that everyone that works there is working there for the love of the children in our community; they truly care.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to our local heroes at the Boys & Girls Club of the Olympic Peninsula.

Liz Parks


Clinic an ‘ill-conceived’ project

After many years on the Sequim Planning Commission I resigned my position of vice chair in protest of railroading through of the regional MAT (medication-assisted treatment) clinic.

Before the coronavirus shut down meetings, the commission heard testimony from former health care providers and law enforcement on the negative impact other clinics have had on their towns.

The majority of our citizen are opposed to this ill-conceived project.

If tribal Leaders so desperately wanted the clinic, why didn’t they build on tribal Land?

Sequim has a vulnerable senior population which will be likely be preyed on by people looking for their next fix.

You are inviting wolves into the henhouse!

Olaf Protze


What we’ve learned, hopefully

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, or lack thereof, there’s a lesson for all of us in the events of recent days, weeks, months, years. That is, that above everything else, character matters. Above party, above platform, above single-issue passions and beliefs, character matters. Because we’ve all been witness to the fact that the character of a leader attracts others of the same character.

Contrast what we’ve been subjected to over the past years with the calm character of President-elect Biden. A calm voice in the midst of the storm. An adult telling us that everything will be OK,

to take a deep breath, help is on the way, we’ll get through this. There’s a morality, a humanity, an honorable, rational, compassionate character who will surround himself with others of the same character and lead us out of this lunacy.

So next time we have a choice to make, first and foremost, consider character. We can debate the politics, the platform, the positions, we can’t change character.

JoAnne Yerkes


We are a developing country

The United States is now officially a developing country. An inadequate health care system.

Ordinary citizens lined up waiting for a vaccine while the officials and the wealthy have no trouble finding and getting vaccinated.

Extreme poverty and homelessness.

High income inequality.

A major political parting imposing needless cruelty on the less fortunate and on ethnic minorities.

National, state and local police brutalizing ethnic minorities.

National, state and local police brutalizing peaceful demonstrators while giving a free pass to violent armed white thugs invading and vandalizing government buildings.

Armed gangs of right-wing thugs roaming the streets.

Children in cages.

State-created orphans.

Government attacks on the press.

Voter suppression.

A major political party whose priority is comforting the comfortable, with no empathy or care for the rest of us. Rampant food insecurity.

Limited access to basic health care.

And now, an attempted coup by the president and his political party.

Severne Johnson


It turns out, words do matter

Beginning with his 2016 campaign and ending with his 2020 defeat, Donald Trump used his words as bludgeons on the American people and the world. Some of his favorites: loser, sucker, fraud, clown, liar, lightweight, moron, weak, overrated, disgusting, hoax and fake. He indiscreetly used words to attack all who disagreed with him, weaving them into a scenario to convince followers that he alone supported them and could make America into a country that would work for them. For four years he repeated the words and messages until they believed it was “Us against Them.”

His most successful use of words convinced followers he’d overwhelmingly won the 2020 election, that it was stolen from him and them. He told them on Jan. 6 they needed to march to the capitol and put pressure on Congress to recognize he was the lawful president. They streamed to the capitol. His inflammatory words convinced them. The result was death, mayhem, vandalized offices; American flags were replaced by Trump banners.

The ironic end to Trump’s inflammatory messaging was defeat. He was the architect of his own defeat and of the Republicans’ loss of Georgia Senate seats. His words, erratic behavior and unsubstantiated lies had consequences.

During the last four years I would periodically ask Republican friends if Trump’s words, attacks or behavior offended them; their reply: “His words don’t matter; what he does matters.” It turns out that his legacy will be his words.

Marsha Carr


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