Letters to the editor — Nov. 24, 2021

Pandemic still rages, so get your shots

About five years ago, I was admitted to an emergency room with a burst appendix. An infection had become peritonitis, requiring removal of about 4 inches of my colon and a five-day hospital stay to fight this dangerous situation. Why is this condition important now?

Answer: We are in a continuing COVID-19 pandemic, caused primarily by those who choose to contaminate others in our community by being unvaccinated, and choosing not to social distance or wear masks. When challenged, many people insist it’s none of our business. But as long as the pandemic exists, it’s everyone’s business! No one is safe from COVID until our nation achieves “herd immunity.”

In the meantime, many of us (like me 5 years ago) still need emergency health care for heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and other serious causes, which cannot be obtained, if every hospital ICU bed is occupied by an unvaccinated COVID patient. This is occurring now in Alaska, Idaho and other U.S. states.

This statement may seem cruel but, if some COVID patients have chosen for personal reasons not to be vaccinated, assuring avoidance of hospitalization or serious COVID illness, they shouldn’t be admitted with COVID to a hospital.

Since COVID vaccinations are now easily accessible and free to everyone, then anti-vaxxers have given up their priority to our over-burdened health care professionals dedicated to provide health care for others.

Get COVID vaccinated! It’s free and accessible; do it for yourselves, family and members of your community. It’s the right thing to do!

Dick Hahn


Tread carefully with youth COVID vaccine

I’d like to put up a giant caution flag to any parent who is considering having their young children injected with the COVID “vaccine.”

Before doing so I urge you to do your own research. It’s not easy to get truthful information on this subject due to the massive censorship of the mainstream media, all the major social media, and the medical establishment.

But there are many online sources that have interviews with very credible doctors and nurses who have given advice against using the vax on the young, and have given testimony to their witness of both death and severe side effects of this dangerous and experimental vaccination using technology never before used, and doing so in a very, very rushed time frame.

With teenagers, especially boys, the incidence of myocarditis due to the vax is several times normal, and this trend is likely to carry on in the 5-11 age bracket. Blood clotting is another very serious issue in all ages. To date using the government run VAERS system, there have been more than 18,000 deaths reported due to the COVID vaccination (vaersanalysis.info), which is double the combined deaths from all other vaccines going back over 30 years.

Young children have virtually no risk from COVID. With any vax one must weigh the pros and cons, and this one does not even come close to passing.

It’s so sad to see little children needlessly suffer the sometimes terrible consequences of this dangerous vax. Informed parents will not allow their children to get anywhere near a COVID vax needle.

Greg Carroll


Editor’s note: The CDC reports that death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. “More than 442 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from Dec. 14, 2020, through Nov. 15, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 9,810 reports of death (0.0022 percent) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.” (cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html)

New power source required

While I’m a recovering engineer and, perhaps, entering my dotage, I still experience occasional spates of rationality and logical thinking that cause me to doubt the viability of President Biden’s well-intentioned but somewhat impractical desire for a carbon-free future (bloomberg.com). At least any time soon …

For the record, America presently generates 4.01 trillion kilo-watt hours (KWH) of electricity with 61 percent from fossil (carbon) fuels, 20 percent from nuclear, and the remaining 20 percent mostly from the renewable sources of wind (8.4%) hydro (7.3 percent) and solar (2.3 percent)(eia.gov).

Should we, bowing to President Biden’s admirable but unrealistic yearnings, eliminate all fossil and nuclear generated electricity in favor of renewables, we would experience a deficit of some 3.3 trillion KWH which, presumably, would be re-apportioned to those renewable sources of wind, hydro and solar.

Wind-sourced energy, currently providing twice as much power as hydro and solar together, would then be expanded, at astronomical expense, to provide at least 50 percent of the 4.01 trillion KWH requirement with equally costly expansions of hydro and solar generation just to maintain the “status quo.”

But even then, the “status won’t be quo-ed” because we will also need to add sufficient capacity to charge 276 million electric vehicles – replacements for the current gas-powered fleet (statista.com) – requiring a multi-billion-dollar expenditure (reuters.com) to create necessary grid capacity and power generation plus a land area equivalent to four South Dakotas (bloomberg.com).

Perhaps we need a new source of energy… maybe one powered by political hot air …

And, naturally, we would locate it at the White House …

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles