Letters to the Editor — Nov. 9, 2022

Ballot watchers unnecessary

Thanks for your excellent coverage of ballot box security in this week’s edition (Nov. 2) in the Sequim Gazette.

I took exception to the Sequim Police take on “harassment”: “… harassment” were of observers sitting in their vehicles, but … officers haven’t seen anything illegal.

“Harassment isn’t passive … and just sitting in a public place,” he [Sequim Police Department deputy chief Mike Hill] said. “Some people may feel harassed but for a criminal offense, there needs to be certain things happening.”

I do not agree. Observing occupants in a vehicle in a dark parking lot near the former JCPenney building as I noticed one night after dropping my ballot in the drop box there is suspicious, and to me represents an unknown threat.

Situations like this don’t have to be illegal to be a threat.

The presence of poll watchers is unnecessary and redundant. The purpose of poll watching is simply to intimidate the voter and suppress the vote.

Roger Briggs