Letters to the Editor — Oct. 2, 2019

  • Wednesday, October 2, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion

Vote for Miano

Bill Miano is a close friend of mine and a former partner of mine at West Valley City Fire Department in Utah. Bill was our Union President of IAFF Local 2970 and I worked with him in the role of Vice-President.

Bill was very driven to assist our city and department in securing additional staffing and money to our budget. It was evident that the way that we were going to be able to do this was through Federal Grants. Bill and his team were able to secure millions of dollars in funding for additional firefighters and the lifesaving equipment used daily because of the leadership and experience that he brought to the table.

When Bill was injured and had to retire, we were very disappointed to lose his experience and dedication to the fire service.

Bill understands the fire service and he understands what needs to be done, and the process to provide quick responses to emergencies. Bill is a natural leader, he values opinions, he is honest, trustworthy and very dedicated.

I would strongly urge you to vote for Bill for the safety of your fire department and the safety of all the community.

Zackery Hatch

President, IAFF Local 2970

Clinton, Utah

Vote for Stoffer

Over the past three years, my husband and I have had the opportunity of observing the Sequim School District Board members during their meetings. During this time, Mr. Jim Stoffer has not only represented the best interests of the students, but he has also been a leader on the legislative front, lobbying in Olympia for fair and just policies.

In addition to his legislative efforts, we have seen Mr. Stoffer at almost every Sequim School District function as well. The time he dedicates to serving our community goes above and beyond the call of any public servant. For example, each summer he rallies volunteers for the free summer food program provided in concert with the Boys & Girls Club. Last summer, more than 16,000 free meals were served!

He can also be seen at sporting events, performances, concerts, teacher professional days and even open houses.

It is with the utmost respect and admiration for his dedication that we encourage Sequim residents to re-elect Jim Stoffer to the school board.

Linda De Ivernois


Referees needed

Driving west into Port Angeles, a series of advertisement banners cross US Highway 101. One that states that basketball referees are needed resonated with me.

Having been one of few women referees in Eastern Washington or Oregon in the 1970-80s, I now exuberantly encourage young women in their 20-30s who were adept at basketball in high school and/or college, to give refereeing a try!

If you’re still lean, in shape, with quick reflexes in mind and body; are objective, know the rules inside out, and fair; let harsh criticism roll off your back because your ability and enthusiasm shines, and especially look cool in a uniform, apply now.

You’ll work on to three times a week, will be able to supplement full-time work or college with a high-paying, confidence-building job. You’ll be well-trained, and eased into the profession. With the “Me, Too” anti-sexual harassment movement well in place, you’ll receive non-coercive support, essential to your development as a referee.

It’s great fun! Looking forward to seeing you from my seat in the bleachers.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

City’s marina motives are suspect

Regarding Matthew Nash’s article about the John Wayne Marina (“Sequim to explore direct ownership of John Wayne Marina,” Sequim Gazette, Sept. 25, page A-1):

As a resident of Sequim who visits the marina area park and patronizes the restaurant occasionally I feel compelled to offer my opinion in regard to transferring the ownership to the city of Sequim from the Port of Port Angeles.

I believe if that were to happen the city would turn around and give the local native tribe control of its use.

It is noticeable how much the marina is used by the tribe for commercial use now and I doubt that usage would decrease under a partnership agreement with the city.

As for needed repair and maintenance, this could become a disproportionate cost to the city taxpayers while commercial use might only pay a minimum usage fee.

The natives would very much like to gain full control of this marina and surrounding real estate and their present relationship with the city would pave the way!

I would hope a solution could be found for future management without losing control of a valuable asset.

Gary Miller


Read facts about the MAT clinic

I’m concerned that there are still many residents who have been made afraid of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic in Sequim. A woman next to me at the Gary Cole Events Center meeting shared her fears. She lives by the river and felt there would be homeless camps there and her house would be robbed and she could be raped.

I ask residents of Sequim to go to www.jamestownhealingcampus.org/faqs/ and read the FAQs about the MAT clinic (not a methadone clinic).

There will only be 15 patients the first month in order to work out any issues that may arise. There will be security cameras placed at nearby stores. Additional police protection will be provided if needed at the tribe’s expense.

You can’t just walk into the MAT clinic. You have to have an appointment. The first visit includes a physical, mental evaluation and commitment to the treatment. Besides getting medication, patients attend group and individual counseling.

The clinic will open at 6 a.m. so the clients who are working can come before going to work.

Dental, doctor’s visits and childcare will also be provided.

Tribe members and their families live in Sequim, too, and care about our community. The Jamestown Medical Center and Railroad Bridge are examples of their quality contributions to Sequim.

Margot Hewitt


No place like home

I was fortunate to be invited to a large medical practice in Salt Lake City Utah in the early part of 2017. My wife and I decided it was a great opportunity to advance my career.

After selling my practice to Dr. Lucia Vracin, we moved to the Salt Lake area to work with elite Olympic athletes as well as active and retired professional athletes. This was an eye-opener compared with my last 20 years in Sequim.

After a year, we began to wonder if we’d made a mistake, with the traffic congestion, poor air quality, over-population, crowded parks and recreation areas. We began to feel we sacrificed quality of life for corporate advancement.

The experience was priceless. It was refreshing to work with medical physicians with no pretense or judgement of myself as a chiropractor. I was treated as an equal and partner.

However, after much consideration and discussion with my wife, we decided to return to the Olympic Peninsula. Dr. Vracin was kind enough to welcome me back to the practice I started in 1997. She and I plan to use our skills to bring the best chiropractic and advanced physical medicine to Sequim, to people I love and respect.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to return to the area I love so much. Indeed, the grass looks greener on the other side. Sequim is my real home, where I plan to finish out my career. There is no better place on earth than right here.

Robert Bean


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