Letters to the editor — Oct. 21, 2020

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020 1:30am
  • Opinion

Hands off election signs

To the person or persons repeatedly stealing our Biden/Harris yard signs: I just want you to know that each time this happens I donate again to the local Democrats, because I believe this illegal behavior demonstrates exactly what the current administration encourages, and therefore that this administration must be replaced.

Since I pay for these signs and they are located on our property, this is malicious vandalism, to say nothing of an attempt to deny us our right to express ourselves. That would be the First Amendment, remember?

Glenna Campbell


Random kindness strikes in Sequim

The other day I was in line at the Taco Bell drive-thru behind a white jeep. When I reached the server, he said, “Your order was paid for by the man in the car in front of you.” The jeep had decals on its rear window featuring a baseball, a basketball and a football and “We raise ballers.”

I hope Mr. White Jeep reads the Gazette!

Pat Willis


Traditions extend to all

As I pondered the meaning of the past Fourth of July, I thought: Yes … “tradition.” Isn’t that what defines the character of our country — its history — and how it has met different challenges during times of trouble?

But when these celebrations clash with “political correctness,” let us remember that immigrants and malcontents have made the decision to come to our country or live in it, so therefore to live by our beliefs and traditions.

Different countries celebrate different victories and defeats with the same feelings, so it is their choice for their country and our choice for our country.

Also, these same feelings should be respected by each other’s nations in order to retain a distinction as a people of one mind.

Naturally, this causes “traditions” to become an emotional thing, engendering patriotism, but undeniably must be present to be a citizen “proud of one’s country.”

It is simplistic, but maybe something to think about.

Travis Williams


Consider Trump’s track record

If you are happy with your freedoms, and the American way of life you have known, you owe it to yourself, and those you love, to read president Trump’s accomplishments!

You may get a “little different take” than that of the liberal press. At any rate, it’s worth your time to read everything good for you and your family — energy independent, affordable health care, lower drug prices. This president fights about 20 hours a day for us! Broadcaster Mark Simone has a list of 710 online.

You might also look up Biden’s 110-page manifesto he denies, written with Bernie: everything bad for us, including job killing, much higher taxes!

Melvina Worman


Trump message elicits shock, disappointment

The bumper sticker on my car reads: “Humankind / Be Both.” While walking my dog downtown I saw a flagpole-sized flag on the tailgate of a truck. It reads: “F*** Your Feelings TRUMP 2020” (actually spelling out the word that rhymes with truck). Whoa!

How do I feel? Are public displays of obscene language legal, especially near a school? “Screw Your Feelings” would still get the point across without dragging everybody through the gutter.

Perhaps I’m too sensitive? I do live outside Sequim city limits and most agree urban standards and sensibilities can be quite different.

While volunteering at the Clallam County Democrats office in Port Angeles, the striking thing I’ve experienced is fear during this election cycle. Numerous folks expressed fears ranging from their yard sign is going to be stolen again, to they’re risking violent retribution by displaying Biden/Harris 2020. “I’d put a sticker on my car, but I’m afraid they’ll damage my vehicle” Or, “I’d like a yard sign, but I’m scared they’ll shoot-out my windows or harm my pets.”

I believe we’re all members of the human family. Call me Pollyanna or lily-livered and I’ll forgive you 70 times seven. Though not immune to the extreme lack of civility we’re all experiencing, I believe in redemption. But wait … I haven’t answered my question: How do I feel? Frustrated, exhausted, and cautiously optimistic that we may yet recall our humanity.

Remember, be kind to each other.

N.B. Booth


BLM movement about bringing awareness

Tess Bond’s letter to the editor published on Oct. 14 (Sequim Gazette, page A-14) elicited a visceral response in me. Her first two paragraphs read as threatening and felt like an intent to “bully with fear.” That language lead me to educate myself and consult Clallam County’s website for information on anti-harassment protection orders.

A quote from Ms. Bond’s mother to “educate yourself … ” is sound advice to be heeded by us all.

George Soros is not funding the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The Associated Press has debunked this conspiracy theory and any relationship between Mr. Soros and the BLM movement numerous times, as does the website Snopes.com.

Based on the definition of Marxism, it has nothing to do with the BLM movement. Nor does the BLM Mission Statement support a claim to “dismantle American families and our way of life.”

It does mention a desire to build local power to bring awareness to violence inflicted upon our Black communities. Mr. Morris appears to be an example of that local power at work.

Mr. Morris is a good man. I assume Ms. Bond is a good woman. I assume her statement that “ignorance causes damage to those whose perspective are limited” should also be heeded by us all.

Betsy Burlingame


Letter violated Gazette policies

The Gazette’s “Letter Policy,” as stated on the opinion page, declares “personal attacks and unsubstantiated allegations are not printed.” If that is true, why was Tess Bond’s verbal attack on Mr. Neil Morris published in the Oct. 14 issue (Letters to the Editor, page A-14)?

Her letter was full of unsubstantiated accusations and hateful language. The Sequim Gazette owes all of us an apology.

Many of us are currently suffering due to the political climate and the White House’s misinformation and promotion of fear. We do not need to aggravate the situation in our own community by having such despicable, fear-mongering letters published.

Susanne Herrick


Prohibit music at social gatherings

A safety concern was noted at the Oct. 16 Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market. Loud music at the market encouraged people to stand closer to other people especially talking to vendors. Loud music discourages social distancing, especially among our older population, which is a significant safety concern.

As a retired physician who practiced for 45 years, I had considerable experience promoting infection control. I suggest our county prohibits all music at all social gatherings to promote social distancing.

Edward A. Hackie Jr.


Vote for Dublin

My wife Lisa Dublin is honest and sincere, with a keen intellect and amazing recall. Lisa is running a positive campaign (Clallam County Superior Court judge) and does not believe in tearing someone down to elevate herself. She does not exaggerate her experience. She does not make false statements and takes the Code of Judicial Conduct seriously.

Lisa has been judging full-time for more than 10 years and has heard thousands of cases, no exaggeration. She is one of four State of Washington Division Chief Administrative Law judges.

Lisa currently has 29 administrative law judges working under her. Watch the debates online at lisadublin.org; who would you rather have on the bench? And … in 10 years she has never reversed herself; she studies each case carefully. She has had a ruling reversed by the superior court; the court of appeals affirmed her decision. She is humbled by the county-wide support, across the spectrum.

Her opponent, a short-term incumbent appointed by Gov. Inslee, may outspend her but she will never out work her. The choice seems clear to me. Please vote.

Shawn Lovell


Vote for Forde

Our Constitution’s framers and founders believed government should encourage citizens the freedom to acquire property and wealth for improving their standard of living, their communities’ welfare and pursuing their own concepts of happiness. Our framers limited our republics’ power and scope.

Now, when we work to support ourselves and families, government taxes us for endless schemes diminishing self-reliance, independence and freedom. Too many elected representatives conceive of their own plans for what’s good for us, generating additional bureaucracies to impose their vision of utopia and devising new ways to increase burdensome taxes for fantasies, many of which have failed throughout history.

A small business owner herself and through numerous discussions with business owners across our district, Sue is acutely aware of taxation’s destructive disincentives upon business improvements, efficiency, business growth and employment opportunities.

Sue Forde, opposes Mike Chapman’s 24th legislative district representative position. Chapman received a 40 percent National Federation of Independent Businesses score and 43 percent score from the Associated of General Contractors of Washington.

Using common sense, Sue will work to restore $30 car tabs, reduce state spending and carefully spend every taxpayer dollar, conscientiously considering all legislation and economic impacts on our freedom before voting. Sue values our citizens’ right to control taxation amounts.

Adamantly vowing to reduce taxes, Sue will work for a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds legislative vote to raise taxes and work to prevent increased sales taxes and never approve a capital gains or income tax.

Electing Sue will limit government, not freedom.

Doug Oaks

Port Angeles

Help your own immune system

Ten effective ways to boost your immune system:

1) daily aerobic exercise

2) quiet thoughts/prayer/meditation

3) sing out loud

4) breathe deeply and often

5) start something new

6) create something

7) hand-write a letter/journal

8) think thankful thoughts many times a day

9) think kind thoughts many times a day

10) include many “laughter moments” in your day

Barbara Paschal


Note: Paschal is a retired physical therapist.

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