Letters to the Editor — Oct. 28, 2020

‘Fear-mongering’ flyers defy reality

I received a baseless, fear-mongering flier by the Sue Ford campaign. The Republican Party of my parents would be appalled by this disingenuous pandering.

The flier’s image of Guy Fawkes (AKA Anonymous AKA Anti-Establishment Hackers AKA Scary Mask) has nothing to do with people in Clallam, of either party, who peacefully demonstrate (AKA First Amendment AKA Don’t Threaten Me).

The text is intentionally malicious: “Seattle Riots & Lawlessness Coming To A Neighborhood Near You. Calls to defund police will turn the entire state into Seattle, threatening our way of life, and forcing people to flee our communities.”

So, your platform is Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”?

Reality check: No one from Seattle is coming here, except to spend money. No one wants to defund/abolish the police … especially because our law enforcement in Clallam is a model in community policing.

No one is threatening your way of life. You do know that this was all native land owned by people of color, then it was infiltrated by white settlers, right?

“Flee” our communities? You mean like the Kurds, Palestinians, Syrians, abuse victims? So, you’re not taking the equity from your house on the way out?

News flash: Your Democrat neighbors who helped jump start your car last January and gave money to your kid’s cookie drive are not radical socialists.

Ms. Ford, leaders do not fan the flames of fear or intentionally lie.

Sally Franz


Forde the choice

Between 2016-2020, Mike Chapman sanctioned 12 anti-Second Amendment bills eroding our God-given, constitutionally protected right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.

In 2018, with $1.2 billion in surplus, Chapman rejected a House Bill 2299 amendment for $30 million providing armed school resource officers to schools.

Federal law holds overriding immigration authority for defending citizens from external threats and safeguarding national sovereignty. In 2019, limiting law enforcement’s protection of law-abiding citizens and apprehension of law-breakers, Chapman voted sanctuary state status for Washington with SB 5497.

Last April, weakly fearing a court order to free inmates, Gov. Inslee released 1,100 lawbreakers, making law-abiders less safe.

Next, without government restraint, Seattle’s rioting barbarians began destroying lives, businesses and property belonging to thousands. Did you hear Chapman voice opposition to this lawlessness?

More recently, abandoning civil society, leftists irrationally began demanding police defunding.

Did Chapman remember his first legislative responsibility since becoming your representative in 2016? Did his votes protect freedom, protect you, your children, our communities and nation from law-breakers?

Sue Forde, running against Chapman, Sue earned the National Rifle Association’s recommendation. She will work to remove Washington state’s sanctuary status and unconstitutional Second Amendment laws.

Sue will unwaveringly defend and support law enforcement’s lawful authority to apprehend lawbreakers for your safely.

A 24th district majority vote for will send Sue to Olympia to fulfill a legislator’s fundamental responsibility — defense of our Constitution, life, liberty and property.

Limit government — not freedom! Elect Sue Forde.

Eric Foth

Port Angeles

Boost your immune system

Ten effective ways to boost your immune system:

1) daily aerobic exercise

2) quiet thoughts/prayer/meditation

3) sing out loud

4) breathe deeply and often

5) start something new

6) create something

7) hand-write a letter/journal

8) think thankful thoughts many times a day

9) think kind thoughts many times a day

10) include many “laughter moments” in your day

Barbara Paschal


Note: Paschal is a retired physical therapist.