Wellness With Age: Four pillars for a healthy life

Most people wish to have a healthy life, yet the available data from experts can be overwhelming.

To simplify matters, here are four areas where we can improve our health. These are food, water, exercise and sleep.


There are more than 100 different diet plans to choose from. In addition to the popular ones like Keto there are less well-known diets such as Proper Food Combining or the Acid-Alkaline diet.

After much research and experimenting, I concluded the Mediterranean diet is the perfect choice. This eating plan is the most balanced of all, and within its parameters you can follow other diets, such as Paleo, if you choose to do so.


We know the importance of drinking quality water. A person who is six feet tall, weighing 300 pounds needs more than a five foot tall person, weighing 125 pounds. Follow your intuition, knowing your body will need different amounts of water at different times.

Lemons have many electrolytes so a slice in your water is beneficial.

Purchasing small bottles of water is more expensive and uses more plastic. Consider purchasing water by the gallon or investing in some form of water filter.

Examine the water which goes on your body. Hard water dries the skin, allowing more harsh minerals to penetrate into your body, potentially causing health issues. Water purifiers for sink and shower are now affordable.


As you begin, it does not matter what you do as long as you do something for exercise. It is common knowledge that exercise strengthens the heart and muscles, and it allows more blood and oxygen to flow throughout the body.

Our bones also need exercise. Bones have two groups of helpers, osteoblasts which builds new bone and osteoclasts which breaks down old bone. If we do not exercise the osteoblasts say, “Our person is not exercising. We do not need to build new bones.” Meanwhile, the osteoclasts continue to remove old bone pieces, causing a loss of bone density.

Walking outside for ten minutes a day or standing by your desk doing a 5-minute Tai Chi routine is better than nothing.


The Centers for Disease Control released a report stating 33% of Americans do not get enough sleep. Other statistics show 17% of motor vehicle fatalities were caused by sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep has contributed to vertigo, obesity, and mental illness – and other ailments including infertility.

Sleep is critical for one’s overall health. In the non-dreaming sleep stages the body regenerates itself and in the dreaming sleep stages the brain cleans itself while organizing thoughts and memories.

Here are three steps which can contribute to better sleep:

1) Tweak your eating habits. It is better to have a smaller evening meal with a light protein and green leafy vegetables. For a bedtime snack try cheese, nuts, or celery. These foods contain relaxing nutrients like vitamin B-1 and potassium. If insomnia is an issue have your nutrient levels checked.

2) Revise your evening routine. Turn down the lights and engage in quiet activities. These give your brain time to begin its shutting down process.

3) Examine your bedroom. The ideal bedroom is dark and quiet with moderate room temperatures. Experts say 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for quality sleep.

Other options are to add houseplants or calming essential oils to your room. Listening to calming nature sounds is helpful.

Small improvements can go a long way towards better health. Gradually make any necessary changes to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.

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