A ‘Haven’ for area runners

Nearly 200 runners and walkers competed in half marathon, 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races


It was as though participants were running through a fairytale at the inaugural Valley of the Trolls races on Saturday, Aug. 22 with “Gate Keepers Castle” and a variety of carved creatures and trolls scattered throughout the 150-acres at Troll Haven/Bandy Farms in Gardiner.

Nearly 200 runners and walkers competed in half marathon, 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races.

Troll Haven also hosts a 1-mile/5K, family friendly run on Oct. 24 with trolls, costumes, lots of glow lights and more.


Valley of the Trolls 2015 results

Half-marathonMen’s division1.

Kyle Downs (Port Angeles), 1:37:312. Andrew Wohlsen (Port Townsend), 1:39:123. John Gonzales (Hubbard, Ore.), 1:40:334. George Unruh (Gig Harbor), 1:41:545. Brenden Phillips (Poulsbo), 1:44:406. Stuart Marcy (Sequim), 1:51:197. Asa Langgrill (Bremerton), 1:51:458. Michael Maroney (Sequim), 1:51:479. Jesse Lopez (Walla Walla), 1:52:4410. Chalmers Johnson (Port Orchard), 1:59:13Women’s division1. Kristina Cordy (Seattle), 1:45:182. Jennifer Batey (Tumwater), 1:52:283. Tara Rudolph (Bothell), 1:59:194. Beth Cordy (Port Orchard), 2:00:115. Janeann Twelker (Port Townsend), 2:00:416. Linda Carson (Port Townsend), 2:03:267. Sharon Ebelt (Gig Harbor), 2:03:3598. Emily Stewart (Port Townsend), 2:03:509. Kit Russell (Marysville), 2:04:1610. Diane Charron (Port Angeles), 2:05:20

10K resultsMen’s division1.

Steve Slaby (Seabeck), 33:122. David Henderson (Sequim), 40:513. Jon Wright (Sequim), 42:034. Steven Banks (Port Orchard), 49:025. Joseph Irvin (Port Angeles), 52:146. Brayden Banks (Port Orchard), 53:597. Bart Kale (Silverdale), 54:228. Nathan Arns (Lakebay), 58:069. John Horne (Camas), 1:02:4210. Thomas Gritis (Port Hadlock), 1:04:39Women’s division1. Gina Slaby (Seabeck), 35:472. Gina Albright (Port Townsend), 49:233. Meredith Barrett (Seattle), 50:494. Candy Harper (Port Townsend), 51:315. Vanessa Ridgway (Port Ludlow), 53:46 6. Megan Wright (Sequim), 54:287. Peggy Hansen (Edmonds), 55:268. Joanne Mackey (Port Townsend), 56:339. Reyna Parcells (Suquamish), 59:3510. Katie Irvin (Port Angeles), 1:00:18

5K resultsMen’s division1.

Majel Busby (Sequim), 21:442. Jim Felty (Bremerton), 22:063. Kristopher Henrikson (Sequim), 26:494. Jared Bare (Milwaukie, Ore.), 26:565. Casey Finedell (Port Townsend), 27:556. Jesie Erixton (Oak Harbor), 29:457. Kristoffer Lunetta (Beaumont, Calif.), 30:318. Frank Magill (Port Townsend), 30:419. Gage Barry (Port Townsend), 30:4310. Raymond Rossart (Port Ludlow), 30:58Women’s division1. Alwynn Lewis (Sequim), 25:162. Kristin Shurley (Port Hadlock), 26:073. Robin Henrikson (Sequim), 26:494. Sage Perrin (Forest Grove, Ore.), 27:035. Sarah Lunetta (Beaumont, Calif.), 27:326. Katie Finedell (Port Townsend), 28:017. Angela Busby (Sequim), 28:288. Diane Froula-Webb (Sequim), 29:389. Julia Wright (Bremerton), 29:5210. Laura Rundle (Sequim), 29:54