Logging Show results

Here are the results from the Sequim Irrigation Festival’s Logging Show during the second weekend of the festival.

• Springboard Chop

1st Stirling Hart

2nd TJ Bexten

3rd Brandon Sirguy

• Intermediate Underhand Chop

1st Nick VanBrocklyn

2nd David Moses Sr.

3rd Trebb Rainey

• Double Buck

1st Branden Sirguy and Mike Forrester

2nd David Moses Sr. and David Moses Jr.

3rd Troy Lambert and Trebb Rainey

• Open Underhand Chop

1st Brian Bartow

2nd David Moses Jr.

3rd Stirling Hart

• Ma and Pa Buck

1st David Moses Sr. and Natasha Strand

2nd Joe Thompson and Carolyn Thompson

• 140cc Power Saw

1st Brian Sheridan

2nd TJ Bexten

3rd Mike Forrester

• Tree Climbing

1st Brian Bartow

2nd Stirling Hart

3rd Dan Horsmon

• Tree Topping

1st Brian Bartow

2nd Stirling Hart

3rd Lukas Brown-John

• Pole Falling

1st Mike Forrester

2nd Owen McCan

3rd Jeff Fetter