Ann Soule

Water Matters: Irrigation season

Ann Soule discusses irrigation throughout the Sequim area

Water Matters: April showers bring … a plan

With the adoption of a stormwater plan last Monday, Sequim joins the ranks of officially water-conscious Western cities.

Water Matters: Neither seen nor heard

Let’s start at the bottom: Sequim Bay is the body of water that graciously takes in almost all water flowing through the fair city of Sequim. Sequim Bay hosts sailors, swimmers, salmon, clams, oysters, a marine lab and much, much more.

Water Matters: Signs of coming times

The summer after we moved to Sequim 25 years ago I had locals, unprompted, showing me how to judge from looking at the mountains whether there would be water shortages later or not.

Water Matters: Location, location, location

As a consumer of local news you’ve probably read or heard about the proposed Dungeness reservoir …?

Water Matters: Holiday greetings … from your local water supply

It’s that holiday letter time of year again — at least for those who haven’t fully transitioned to Facebook to get and share all their news.

Water Matters: Shellfish party with some bite

I recently had the privilege of enjoying an oyster bar with four varieties right here in Sequim. It was set up for a celebration of the re-opening of shellfish beds in Dungeness Bay by the state Department of Health — a status change owing to vastly improved water quality.