Clallam County Master Gardeners

Get It Growing: Plant your own gourmet garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum) is among the oldest documented plants cultivated by man. The Sumerians carved recipes containing garlic on stone tablets 5,000 years ago, and… Continue reading


Get It Growing: Winning winter gardens

Winter gardens pop out of the gray landscape and triumph over dreary days


Hoop houses consist of a PVC pipe frame covered by 6 mil thick clear polyethylene plastic. Photo courtesy of Muriel Nesbitt

Get It Growing: Is a hoop house for you?

A hoop house is a way to provide more control of your growing environment.


Get It Growing: September in the garden

The summer is starting to give way to the shorter days of fall. September brings cooler weather and eventually seasonal rains. For many, this is… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Plan, purchase, prepare and plant in fall

Late summer, while the past season is still visible, is a good time to evaluate your garden, allowing you to see areas that may need… Continue reading

Get It Growing: The small spotted wing drosophila can cause big problems

At less than an eighth of an inch in length — a pint-sized pest by most standards— the spotted wing drosophila (SWD) can be a… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Native plants to attract wildlife

The Olympic Peninsula is an extraordinary place to behold a diversity of plants and wildlife. In any of its ecosystems, wildlife thrives when there are… Continue reading

Get It Growing: August in the garden

August is usually the hottest month on the Olympic Peninsula; hopefully this year it will, at least, be warm. It’s most certainly going to be… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Plant fall, winter vegetables now

Plant a winter garden now? Yes, for residents of the North Olympic Peninsula, the maritime climate means the average minimum temperatures rarely drop below freezing(except… Continue reading

Get It Growing: How to grow a Pacific Northwest succulent garden

Succulents are beautiful, often exotic looking plants that many may think are not viable perennials in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) climate. However, they are determined… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Delight in dahlia varieties

By Gary McLaughlin For the Sequim Gazette There are several good reasons to grow dahlias. One of them is the amazing number of varieties and… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Ornamental grasses in your garden

Summer is the time ornamental grass really starts to shine. Why should you consider ornamental grasses for your landscape? They are virtually pest and disease… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Enjoy summer in the garden

July has arrived! Finally sunny days, perfect for basking and working in the garden. With the warmer weather comes a significant drop in rainfall for… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Develop a watering plan? Consider drip irrigation

After plentiful sun and rich soil, water is the third most important element in the garden. Yet, it is often the least considered. If vegetable… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Welcoming native bees into the garden

Last week’s column, “Creating a Pollinator Garden,” talked about planning and planting your garden to attract and keep pollinators, including bees, butterflies, insects and others.… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Creating a pollinator garden

What’s all the buzz about pollinators? Why do we need them? Pollinators are bees, butterflies, birds, moths, bats and some insects. They pollinate many of… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Common tomato problems

Tomatoes in home gardens For more information on growing tomatoes, read WSU’s “Vegetables: Growing Tomatoes in Home Gardens” (FS145E) available for free at Tomatoes… Continue reading

Free seed program help youths learn, stay active

The Master Gardener’s of Clallam County want to continue to gets children and their families growing. How about some free seeds? With the help from… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Thinking outside the usual berry basket with small fruits

By Jeanette Stehr-Green For the Sequim Gazette Last week, we covered four of the more popular small fruits grown in home gardens: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… Continue reading

Get It Growing: Grow small fruits for a big reward

Small fruits are so named because they produce small edible fruits on relatively small perennial plants. Despite their size, small fruits provide big rewards and… Continue reading