Letters to the Editor— Nov. 1, 2023

Get out your vote!

The elections are coming up soon and we have serious decisions to make for our school district, city and county. The Voters’ Pamphlet is a good resource that lists each candidate’s experience, education and service.

In the past few months, the Sequim School District changed the class configurations that upset some people. Changes are a part of life. While raising my children, I remember having strong feelings of wanting to protect them from changes that we feared wouldn’t be good for them; often those same changes turned out to be good for them. I also have learned that kids often respond to changes in ways that they see their parents respond.

I have worked with Larry Jeffryes for the past several summers while volunteering with the Summer Lunch Program and met Maren Halverson this year, also volunteering with the Summer Lunch Program.

They are caring, hardworking and qualified people who truly want what is best for our students.

I have not met Michael Rocha but based on what I’ve read, I believe that he also is a qualified candidate.

Other candidates that I endorse are Kathy Downer, Dan Butler and Harmony Rutter (Sequim City Council), and Mark Ozias (Clallam County Commissioner).

Janet Kreidler


Vote for Jeffryes

I grew up in what I consider to be the golden age of education in America. World War II veterans (and survivors of the Depression) were committed to providing their children what they had missed.

My father, a master electrician, didn’t graduate from high school, not unusual for his generation, though he and many of that generation never stopped educating themselves.

I certainly benefited from that commitment. I was the first girl in my mother’s family to go to college. I stayed friends with my high school teachers long into my adult years.

When I look at Larry Jeffereys’ career as an educator, I see the teacher who taught me the love of learning. He taught middle school students science for 35 years; middle school students are often the most challenging to teach.

Since moving to Sequim 10 years ago, Larry has been committed to ensuring that Sequim students receive a premier education. As a member of the school board, he helped hire a highly-qualified superintendent, realign elementary schools to improve educational excellence and pass a Capital Project levy.

Perhaps most dear to my heart, he founded Meals for Sequim to pay for student-accumulated meal debts.

He is committed to facilitating collaboration with parents, community, service organizations, neighboring school districts, our legislative representatives and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. One of his priorities is upgrading and replacing outdated facilities.

Larry Jeffereys has my vote for re-election to the Sequim School Board. I invite you to vote for him as well.

Karen Hogan


Vote for Butler

This is a letter of support for Dan Butler, who is running for Council Position No. 2 in Sequim.

I know Dan through his tireless and efficient administration heading the Sequim weekly soup kitchen. All our food is made from from scratch and we average about 75 meal servings.

Yesterday (Oct. 25) we had 92.

Dan oversees about 20 volunteers. He gets the job done and makes it look easy. This is just one of his jobs. He is ethical, organized, responsible and deeply committed to this community.

Vote for Dan.

Mary Corey