Letters to the Editor — Oct. 19, 2022

Research the candidates

Have you ever wanted more information on candidates than what arrives in your voter pamphlet? Does your busy life make it a challenge to attend forums? Are you seeking reliable sources of information about candidates?

These are questions the members of the Sequim Good Governance League Candidates Questions Project asked ourselves when we met to decide how to inform our community about the upcoming midterm election.

We decided that proposing thoughtful questions to each candidate would allow voters to know better the respondent’s views on the issues most important to our community.

The Sequim Good Governance League is pleased to present the results of our project, focusing on six offices up for election that represent our community: Legislative District 24, State Representative Positions 1 and 2; County Commissioner District No. 3; Director of Community Development; Sheriff, and PUD Commissioner District No. 1.

I encourage you to access the questions and responses by going to sequimgoodgovernanceleague.org.

Scroll down to the banner, “How Well Do You Know the Candidate” and click on “Candidate Questions.”

Some answers may be lengthy, but I believe reading them will provide you a much more in-depth understanding of the candidates’ positions than many other sources.

Diane Flynn


Flynn is a member of the Sequim Good Governance League.

Hays for local control

In 1930, Washington state’s very first voter approved initiative enabled formation of Public Utility Districts (PUDs). Reflecting a goal of Initiative No. 1, Clallam PUD’s Strategic Plan noted that “Clallam PUD is your locally controlled utility.”

Washington Public Disclosure Commission (pdc.wa.gov) records on Oct. 12 show more than 68 percent of incumbent Will Purser’s campaign contributions have come from outside of Clallam County, while less than 1 percent of challenger Ken Hays’ contributions have come from outside the county.

Contributions each candidate made to his own campaign are excluded from this calculation.

Say no to outside special interests. Say yes to local control. Vote for Ken Hays for PUD commissioner.

Dave Anderson

Port Angeles

Anderson is a former PUD District 2 Commissioner.

Purser best for PUD customers

Wisdom, caution and common-sense. Will Purser possesses these in abundance.

Will’s opponent suggests that the PUD take their twice-monthly public board meetings on the road to “engage with” and “focus on” customers. I have attended nearly every PUD board meeting over the past five years, and during the two public comment periods at each meeting, 99 percent of the time there is no comment. Why is that? Could it be the PUD is a well-run public utility that serves its customers well?

Unlike the opponent’s special interest groups who are focused on their pet agendas, most customers are simply working hard to keep their heads above water in difficult economic times. We are worried about climate changes’ effects and the future. We would like to be able to afford solar, buy EVs and build net-zero energy homes.

However, most people in Clallam County do not have that option, and we appreciate the wisdom, caution, and common-sense that Commissioner Purser and the PUD employs to keep rates low and power (already carbon-neutral) on.

The PUD does not run after every expensive shiny object on the alternative/renewable resource/technology horizon. There is no need to replace low cost and clean hydropower with far more costly alternatives.

The PUD does keep abreast of developments, and based on research and data, has implemented a variety of new technologies that have been proven to be more efficient and less costly, in order to keep our power reliably on and affordable.

If that’s not customer-focused, what is?

Teresa Lyn


Note: Lyn is Executive Assistant for PUD #1 of Clallam County.

Vote to make a difference

Do you like the crime wave?

Do you like drugs and human traffickers crossing our southern border?

Do you like the inflation rate at 8.3 percent that decreases our standard of living?

Do you like the current gas prices with the prospect of higher gas taxes after the election?

Do you like Washington state’s obligation to follow California’s environmental rules?

Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a free republic of grow up under complete government control?

Your vote can make a difference. Vote, vote vote for Republicans that promote the four pillars in a commitment to America. 1) An economy that’s strong. 2) A nation that’s safe. 3) A future that’s built on freedom. And 4) A government that’s accountable.

Gary and Jan Smith


Businesses need to step up

I fell a month ago and can’t walk. Tried to go shopping in Sequim only to find that the two major pharmacies have no electric scooters.

With the population of older and retired in Sequim, I was appalled.

Thanks to the grocery stores for accommodating the disabled. Fortunately they carry large assortments of items that I needed.

Went home and ordered cosmetics online.

Business can’t complain about lack of sales if they don’t make a buyer welcome.

Ellida K. Lathrop