Letters to the editor — Oct. 5, 2022

Thanks for the hospice support

The 30th-annual Reach and Row for Hospice event was held Sept. 17-18 on Sequim Bay for the Sequim Bay Yacht Club to raise respite funds for Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County (VHOCC).

With a rowing competition on Saturday and sailing event on Sunday, fun was combined with the heartfelt goal to make a difference in the end of life care for our community members.

At the present time, contributions of more than $24,000 have been added to the respite fund which makes a 30-year fund raising total exceed $450,000, with additional funds credited until Dec. 31.

Thank you for your support that makes a difference for those community members who need our help.

Susan Sorensen


Sorensen is publicity chair for the Reach and Row for Hospice event.

People are the new crop in service industry

When out of state visitors ask what the main industry is here, I have to respond accordingly.

It predominately used to be timber and farming. Now it’s people. We are the new crop! A service industry providing for the needs of its citizens.

One facet of the service industry which is rapidly growing and taking shape is “low income housing.”

And as goes Seattle, so goes Sequim!

How long before we are ask to contribute more of our savings or share our social security check?

Yes, there is a need for cheaper housing for everyone! There’s also a responsibility to adequately provide for one’s self and family. And until that becomes a requirement we will only enable the slackers who could work. Visibly, there are no shortages of “help wanted” signs!

Welfare has become chronic in this country, denying many the opportunity to ever reach their full potential. And that in itself is the larger shame.

And so we’ll continue to expand the “do everything for everyone industry” until there is no longer any need. Good luck with that!

Gary Miller

Port Angeles