Local RSVP volunteers receive national service pins

RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program — a Senior Corps program operated by non-profit Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP) —invites volunteers 55 and older to help partner agencies in serving their community with national service work.

Clallam/Jefferson RSVP hopes to engage retired seniors who can meet community needs and provide a high quality experience enriching the lives of volunteers and those they serve.

Volunteer work positions are offered fitting prior life or work experience.

RSVP volunteers serve a wide range of age groups and connect to the community as they support youth, seniors, disabled and home-bound adults, low income individuals, veterans and their families. Volunteers receive many benefits when joining RSVP.

Program organizers say that, besides a sense of accomplishment, volunteers get supplementary volunteer insurance coverage in case an injury occurs at the volunteer site, and that each volunteer creates a monthly schedule to fit their needs with flexibility to accommodate vacations and appointments.

Last year RSVP volunteers clocked in a total of 40,685 hours while North Olympic Volunteer Corps (NOVC) volunteers — adult volunteers of ages 55 and younger who also contribute skills to several community partners and clients — served 20,952 hours. RSVP officials say that with the hourly rate for volunteers working in Washington state valued at $30.04 per hour, OlyCAPs’ volunteer programs are saving the state and federal government about $1,851,575 in wages for volunteer-supported activities.

Those interested in filling a vacant volunteer position are asked to contact RSVP Program Manager Jane Covella at 360-385-2571 or jcovella@olycap.org, or Becky Acevedo at 360-460-2458 or bacevedo@olycap.org.

Agency RSVP partner sites include: OlyCAP (Encore, Early Childhood Services, Senior Nutrition, Youth Counseling Clinic, Home Fund, and Vet Connect), ECHHO, Volunteer Services, Brinnon Food Bank, Port Townsend Food Bank, Port Angeles Food Bank, Tri-Area Food Bank, Quilcene Food Bank, Port Angeles School District, the Olympic Peninsula Boys & Girls Club, Jefferson Community School. NOVC partner agencies include: Clallam County Law Library, Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce, KSQM Radio and Smile Mobile.

The program is funded by The Corporation of National and Community Service, Washington State Department of Commerce and OlyCAP.

Awards for service

The RSVP program highlighted the work of 141 community volunteers in Clallam and Jefferson with President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Pins are presented to dedicated volunteers meeting requirements of 100 hours or more served during each year; this year’s awards recognized efforts between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018.

• Gold Achievement Awards (500 or more hours) — Shirley Moss, 1,694; Mary Patterson, 986; Randy Rosens, 902; Eloise Langenbach, 736; Sue Laird, 726; Cathy Chapman, 650; Michael Boock, 548; Leslie Sweeney, 532; Ernie Muir, 529; Doris Muir, 523; Mary Tyler, 500

• Silver Achievement Awards (250-499 hours) — Sara Lynn, 475.5; Kathy Howell, 474.75; Alice White, 467; Anna Haas, 462; Neola Wyman-Smith, 429; Mike Langenbach, 424; Rita Beam, 417; Elaine Blanchard, 414; Gregory Brown, 392; Bill Hullinger, 383.5; Maria Holtgrave, 349; Carol Myer, 343; Beverly Clark, 341; Sue Hall, 330; Louise Muller, 329; Macy Mullarky, 324.5; Sarah Clouse, 318; Patricia Crossley, 317; Bonnie Moses, 297; Burt Langsea, 296; Pi Hueter, 296; Kathi Volpe, 294; Roger Coble, 291; Kathryn Carrico, 286; Gail Gilligan, 288; Pamela Browning, 282; Kate Sullivan, 282; Julio Giovinco, 266; Duncan Watters, 278; John Wrobelski, 277; Randy Schleich, 258

• Bronze Achievement Awards (100-250 hours) — Cheryl Wallace, 244; Van Maxwell, 240; Darcie Johannson, 237; Bob Wallace, 237; Teri Twyman, 235.5; Abe Ringel, 234.5; Roger Beachy, 232.5; Albert Bruce, 232; David Gee, 228; Sunchin Weeks, 228; Sandra White, 220; Kathryn Ryan, 222; Jacqueline Hartley, 211; Steve Herkal, 207; Kenneth Matheny, 206; Carmen Germeau, 206; Peg Carey, 205; Neal Wheatley, 205; Alan Smith, 204.5; Ken Finger, 203.25; Dorothy Rath, 199; Douglas Hurlburt, 198; Kendra Golden, 196; Linda Monroe, 196; Bill James, 192.5; Karen Arey, 192; Brigida Knauer, 192; Margot Hamilton, 191; Roger Horner, 189.5; Becky Melick, 188; Max Wood, 185; Vida Kotte, 184; Kathi Mueller, 182; Brett Bowcutt, 182; Elizabeth Silva, 180; Shirley Hunt, 180; Joel Rogers, 178; Ron Germeau, 176.5; Leatha Smith, 176; Ruth Brown, 169.5; Donna Valaske, 168; Anne Field, 166; Pat Gaul, 161; Trisha Burson-Johnson, 160.75; Juliette Sterner, 160; Carol Elliot, 159; Malonie Vance, 153; Donna Lark-Weiner, 152; Kim Thomson, 152; Thomas Herring, 151; Meg Crosby, 151; Judith West, 151; Richard Ackley, 149; Tenzing Wangchuk, 149; Chaz Codda, 147; Herbert Tracy, 145; Mae Mae Jensen-Etchey, 143.5; Gerry Hodgkins, 143; Linda James, 142; Claudia Girard, 141.5; Shannon Whitman, 139.5; Angilena Snyder, 134; Gail Lucas, 132; Nancy Krill, 131; Gloria Atkins, 127.5; Lora Carswell, 126; Sara Meek, 121.5; Kim Carter, 120.25; Mary Brunner, 116.5; Dennis Fellner, 118; Marc Riolo, 117.5; Nancy Jamieson, 115.5; Leslie Aicken, 115; Myra Davis, 114; Marie Pierce, 111; Joan Howard, 104; Mary Coggins, 103.5; Jackie Griffiths, 103; Celia Waalkes-Duff, 102; Frank Benskin, 101

Younger volunteers contribute

During the past year, 40 North Olympic Volunteer Corps individuals met required hours to receive awards:

• Gold Achievement Awards (500+ hours) — Jeff Bankston, 1,952; Leslie Tippins, 1,397; Tod Nickerson, 1,238; Ed Evans, 1,099; Tama Bankston, 972; Jennifer Waldron, 880; Terry Santos, 819; Rachel Boock, 751; John Laird, 657; Kathleen Harris, 534

• Silver Achievement Awards (250-499 hours) — Richard Hendrickson, 454; Linda Hines, 433; Judy Bernthal, 413; Yvonne Craig, 363; Susan Sorenson, 314; Doris Cosman, 311; James Hindes, 300; William Keller, 271; Toni Lynn-Wright, 267; Marie Hooper, 266; Roxanne Webb, 265

• Bronze Achievement Awards (100-250) — Yvonne Maddux, 244; Melissa Ray, 244; Ronald Brantner, 225; Scott Scherrer, 225; Annette Ruzicka, 212.5; Bill Hegerty, 212; George Dooley, 208; Shelley Taylor, 204; Helga duBellier, 198; Alexander Vail, 186; Sue Elliot, 184; Skip McInvale, 175; Nicholas Massie, 166; Christa Schleich, 151; Sally Robbins, 145; Dorothy Zapata, 139; Patricia Guthrie, 133; Esther Burch, 112; Art Moore, 105.

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