Milestone: Peninsula medical organization awards scholarships, grants

The Clallam County Physicians Community Benefit Fund last week announced awards for both academic scholarships in medically-related fields and medically-related community grants to be awarded in 2022.

The benefit fund was formed in 1995 when Regence BlueShield joined with Clallam County Physicians Service, Inc., a company formed by local physicians to provide health care coverage to Clallam County citizens.

The 2021-2022 academic scholarship awards total $30,000 and include: Alex Barry, $1,500; Ann Benavidez, $2,000; Abigail Berry, $1,500; Rylie Booth-Roberts, $2,000; Yela Carey, $3,000; Zane Carey, $3,000; Matthew Chance, $2,000; Adrian Clifford, $3,500; Shannon Gordon, $3,500; Hannah Little, $2,500; Bailey Powers, $3,000; and, Alexis Smith, $2,500.

The organization’s 2022 grant awards include a $3,000 gift to Concerned Citizens for automated external defibrillators, and a $2,000 grant to the Clallam Resilience Project with United Way of Clallam County, to reach out to countywide health care institutions in educating and assisting the building of resilience by revising and distributing personalized videos for healthcare staff.