Olmypic Christian School celebrates creativity with annual art show

Students artists at Olympic Christian School celebrated their creative side at the school’s recent annual art show, with judges selecting winners in grade-level categories.

This year’s winners include:

Kindergarten — 1. (tie) Grace Taylor, “Snowy” and Wyatt Wilson, “Cold of the Snow”; 2. Gwen Torey, “The Fourth Leaf”; 3. (tie). Chloe Furbee, “Elefy” and Linnea Kro, “Sofia”

First grade — 1. Luke Brooks, “A Sunny Fall Day”; 2. (tie) Loren Almond “The Savior” and Legacy Rowland, “Winter Storm”; 3. Wyatt Stringham, “Rhyme Time”

Second grade — 1. Oakley Seaton, “Sunrise”; 2. (tie) Skylar Burgett, “The Snowman” and Sadie Callis, “The Scarecrow; 3. Peyton Fowler, “The Grass Eater”

Third grade — 1. Titus Hunter, “Rugged Cross”; 2. Julia Myers, “Easter Morning”; 3. RJ Tillson, “God’s Not Dead”

Fourth grade — 1. Alexia Fuller, “Rainbow Flower”; 2. Amy Biondolillo, “Blue Sand Art”; 3. Faith Jones, “The Sunflower”

Fifth grade — 1. Layla Parker, “Seaside Sunset”; 2. Emilia Ribas, “Chicken at Sunrise”; 3. Stephen Travers, “Sunset Golden Eagle”

Sixth grade — 1. Jordan Crawford, “Pastel Pumpkin”; 2. Sofia Myers, “Quackity the Duck”; 3. Vida Morris, “The Almost Ripe Pear”

Seventh/eighth grade — 1. Nigel Barclay, “Silent Night”; 2. Sam Smith, “Plum Mountain Sunset”; 3. (tie) Braedon Davis, “Fine Work” and Anthony McCrorie, “Mountain Peacefulness”

Ninth grade — 1. Ellie Smith, “Grow With It”; 2. Lauren Smith, “The Light”; 3. RJ Cheney, “The Perfect Mask”

K-4 Best in Category —

• Paint: Sadie Callis (second grade)

• Drawing: Julia Myers (third)

• Mixed Media: Skylar Burgett (second)

• Pastel: Alexia Fuller (fourth)

• 3-D: Samuel Walters (second)

5-9 grade Best in Category —

• Paint: Vida Morris (sixth)

• Drawing: Sofia Myers (sixth)

• Mixed Media: Sam Smith (eighth)

• Pastel: Jordan Crawford (sixth)

• Digital Media: Caleb Crawford (eighth).