Sequim students named to Peninsula College’s President’s List, Honor Roll

Peninsula College recently shared names of students who qualified for the school’s Fall Quarter 2021 President’s List and Honor Roll.

Students named to the President’s List completes 12 quarter hours and earns a grade-point-average of 3.90 or higher. Students on the Honor Roll earn GPAs of 3.60-3.89.

Sequim-area students named to the President’s List at Peninsula College this fall include: Alyssa Alcaraz, Lyle Austin, Christopher Beatty, Shawna Bebo, Moriah Beglyakov, Abigail Benjamin, Kelsi Bergesen, Rachel Blume, Nicholas Boss, Ava Bower, Mary Boyce, Jeremy Buggy, John Considine, Quinn Danielson, Kaelyn Davila, Stephen Fuller, Jessica German, Junko Harbord, Jordan Hegtvedt, Aidan Henninger, Grayce Houle, Julia Jeffers, Zoe Jones, Paul Koenigsaecker, Ryan Lang, Haylie Lugo, Patrick Matson, Camber Mayfield, John Mccullough, Lillian McNair, Shannon McNamara, Kendall Melton, Braydon Metzger, Tawnya Newell, Renee Njalsson, Shayna Parr, Leda Patapoff, Christopher Paulsen, Isaac Pezzino, Jordan Pezzino, Ruby Romano, Mike Sill, Kylynn Stringer, Jessica Sweeney, Haydn Tamura, Patrick Tenneson, Juliane Toth, Karlie Viada, Hannah Wagner, James Wallace, Zachary Whitman and Tidus Worth.

Sequim-area students named to the Honor Roll include: Lily Barnes, Petra Bernsten, Bailey Cordle, Mariana Divinsky, Bailey Dunning, Isabel Frutos, Chelsey Gruenes, Julie Haley, Abbee Jagger, Eva Jolly, Jacob King, Nicole Moran, Nicole Murray, Dillon Nucci, Taylor Peterson, Shad Pickens, Emily Prendergast, Devon Price, Chloe Stanford, Lauren Wallenfang, Kylie Walters and James Worth.

At graduation, a student who completes a degree having earned college-level credits at Peninsula College with a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher is awarded the President’s Medal.