5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Are you always feeling excessively agitated or worried about a situation? If that is the case, you may be experiencing anxiety and depression. Of course, there are many other symptoms to watch out for before deciding that you are really suffering from anxiety.

Generally, these symptoms can take away the joy in your life. No one wants to always be worried; that is why you need the best CBD oil for anxiety. Such CBD oil can work wonders in helping you relieve some, if not all the symptoms.

CBD oil tinctures from brands such as CBDfx, Joy Organics, SpruceCBD, and many others have been positively reviewed to show they can actually work. Even when you are looking for such oils for your anxiety disorder, stick to the recommended brands. That is what we look at in this guide.

CBD & Anxiety: Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

You would generally feel comfortable knowing that the CBD products you are using for anxiety and depression have scientific backing. The good news is that CBD can help with anxiety. You just have to use CBD correctly to enjoy the benefits.

So far, a few articles on Healthcanal.com show how CBD products can be good for social anxiety disorder and PTSD too. The same could also help relieve insomnia as well if used in the right amounts. We all know that PTSD and anxiety can affect your sleep quality.

This is especially for those who experience negative memories and nightmares, leading to waking up at night and having trouble going back to sleep. So, other than using traditional medications, you can also opt for CBD to relieve the PTSD symptoms.

A study on a group of people who usually experienced social anxiety disorder was given 400 mg of CBD. This was in 2011. The participants generally experienced lowered anxiety levels after using CBD.

Editor’s Choice


  • Offers high-quality products
  • The products get tested by third-party labs
  • Fully organic CBD oil is available

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: 5 Products to Consider in 2021

  1. CBDPure – Best for Transparency
  2. CBDfx – Best Variety
  3. CBDmd – Best for Potency
  4. Spruce CBD
  5. SunMed

1. CBD Pure – Editor’s Choice



  • The brand has a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • There is third-party testing on its products


  • any CBD oil varieties

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Even though CBD Pure is a relatively new company, it stands out for its quality of products. Since it sources its hemp from Colorado for its full-spectrum CBD oil, you can be sure it is generally the brand you want to be using.

The company offers up to 3 strengths of CBD oils for anxiety. The strength is indicated as mg of CBD per bottle. So, you can always know which product you are buying for depression and anxiety.

Anxiety or any other mental health issue could use a stronger potency. So, go for the CBD Pure hemp oil 300. It will have a potency of around 10mg of CBD. There is the other option of using the 20 mg potency bottle. It is the strongest of them all.

Based on the lab results, these medically reviewed CBD oils are free from any contaminants and artificial ingredients. These are what other brands may be using and might compromise your health. You never have to worry about that when using CBD oil from CBD Pure.

The CBD oil from this brand is gold in color. This is a common color, especially for the oil extracted through using the CO2 extraction method. You may also like the earthy smell of the oils. Also, the taste is not as tart as those made using other extraction methods.

2. CBDfx



  • Lab results are easily available
  • Free shipping for US orders
  • Multiple CBD oil options


  • The support team can be slow sometimes

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For over six years now, CBDfx has been making the best CBD oil in the market. This includes full-spectrum CBD oil made for anxiety and depression. It may be why more people find it their top choice to buy CBD oils for anxiety from the brand.

As much as you may not get THC-free CBD from the brand, the overall concentration is within the recommended limits. Thus, CBD oil will be good for both post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Other options also include CBD isolate as part of the products. The isolate can also have many benefits, including calming you down. Other benefits of CBD oil would be relieving other conditions you may be experiencing other than anxiety.

Since each product has lab results, the user can learn everything about CBD oil before buying. Such lab results are vital to show the overall transparency of the company. Also, the brand maintains that its production of CBD oil is done in cGMP-compliant facilities.

As much as having many products on its catalog can confuse some newbies, that should not be a problem. Many people will quickly understand once going through the description. This includes even the concentration, which is 16.29 mg of CBD per bottle of 30ml.

3. CBDmd



  • The company offers high-quality products
  • The products are all lab-tested for quality
  • CBDmd uses American-grown hemp


  • Limited information on some CBD oils

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CBDmd is another most talked about brand in the CBD industry. It does not get popular because of poor quality CBD products, but rather the opposite. The company is U.S Hemp Authority certified, making it a top destination for those who want CBD for anxiety since they can trust it.

The CBD oils from the brand are many. They are offered in terms of potency, formulation, and flavors. So, you should have whatever variety you want to experience better effects of CBD. Since there are up to six strengths of CBD oils, you can pick the most recommended when you experience symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety can also affect your sleep. The same as obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, CBDmd makes specific formulations to help you achieve certain goals. So, you can get some oils laced with melatonin to help with sleep and anxiety.

There are multiple flavors too. They include berry, mint, peppermint, and orange. You could still opt for the unflavored earthy taste of hemp seed oil. The CBD oils with the highest potency come in natural and berry flavors. The others will have a variety of flavors.

The use of MCT oil in the products helps deliver the oil faster to the body. This means you can get faster results generally.

4. Spruce CBD



  • The test results are available online
  • Impressive potency
  • The oils have zero contaminations


  • Can only ship to US customers

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The Spruce CBD oil product is mostly recommended for anyone who wants to experience more therapeutic effects of CBD. Well, that definitely includes those who might have anxiety disorders.

The brand boasts of using full-spectrum CBD extract to ensure you get a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes too. As such, the full-spectrum hemp extract leaves you feeling good in the end. You can start feeling the relief within 30 minutes of using the CBD oil.

Since Spruce CBD sources its help from Colorado and Kentucky, there is assurance such hemp sources would be the best. Even when the products are manufactured, they are medically reviewed at a third-party lab. Such transparency is what you need when buying CBD products.

How about the potency? The Spruce CBD oil comes with an average concentration of 81.87 mg of CBD per bottle of 2400mg. This should be a nice concentration to help deal with anxiety symptoms. This is better than when using CBD isolate products.

You will also enjoy the taste too. Some of the flavors include peppermint. This flavor is good to mask the overall hemp seed oil taste. You could still get CBD oil with no flavor if that is what you need. It may have a little bitter taste though.

These anti-anxiety CBD oils are also within the affordable range for most people. So, there is no reason you are missing out on Spruce CBD.

If you want to find other reputable brands, browse around this journal Seattle Weekly.

5. SunMed CBD



  • Can sell to other countries other than the US
  • The oils are available in different potencies
  • The products are third-party tested


  • The flavors are quite limited

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Even though some people may not have heard of SunMed CBD, it is a top brand you should consider buying your next batch of CBD oil. This brand is known for having options such as full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum too. Such makes it possible for you to get the best CBD products.

Its full-spectrum oil is best recommended for those suffering from anxiety disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and stress. You can easily see why more people would buy from the brand when looking for relief from various conditions.

Even though CBD oil would be great for all the mentioned conditions, you still need to stick to the right dose. Yes, even when treating anxiety. If you can use CBD oil correctly, you will not experience any side effects.

The brand uses U.S grown hemp, making it a trustworthy company. This is because such a hemp source has to live up to stringent measures in the U.S, ensuring quality is also consistent. That is how its products always contain less than 0.3 THC content. Some are even THC-free.

You can still get other products from the brand if you have to deal with other conditions. Such include creams and water-soluble CBD you can use in making meals.

What Dosage of CBD Should You Take?

Since you now know the importance of using CBD oil for anxiety disorders, you may be wondering just how much of it will be enough.

It does not matter whether you are using broad-spectrum CBD or any other type; you are advised to keep the dosage between 25 to 175mg. However, you will find most doctors advising you to stick to 25mg of CBD per day.

Only those who have a problem with sleeping can use broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD in higher doses. For them, it can go as high as 300 mg.

Can You Use Cannabis for Sleep Disorder?

Insomnia or sleep disorder is something that affects millions of people around the world. Since people do not want to be addicted to prescription medications, some have started looking for other options to treat insomnia and social anxiety.

A couple of studies show that when you use CBD in high amounts, it may help with sleep disorders. That is why you may see CBD oil for sleep as a sought-after product today.

When a person is given a CBD dosage of 160 mg, the participant would experience increased sleep duration. That is why you would be advised to take at least 40mg of CBD if you want to sleep better.

The cortisol levels are known to also affect your sleep. Since it is a stress hormone, you do not want it to be at its peak when you need some sleep. Anyone suffering from insomnia would experience high levels of cortisol at night.

CBD interacts with receptors and chemicals in the brain responsible for producing a good night’s sleep. CBD reduces REM sleep time, which is a sign of better sleep quality, meaning more NREM or dreamless sleep. NREM sleep is a time when mental and physical healing takes place. With CBD intake, you will find yourself more relaxed and sleep quality much better.

CBD researchers found that participants who used up to 600 mg of CBD enjoyed better sleep. This is because CBD affects the amount of cortisol released in the body, thus sedating their bodies for better sleep.

Final Thoughts

The use of either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil has been on the rise. That is not going to slow down any time soon. As such, you may as well as also join others to use CBD oil for treating anxiety.

We have mentioned above more about the various brands you could use for finding the right CBD oil to handle anxiety or sleep. More brands include Joy Organics, Charlotte’s Web, and NuLeaf Naturals. So long as you can use the recommended dose, you should be good. Go ahead and give it a try to see how CBD oil helps with anxiety.

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