5G Master Key: Dave Forest Casey Research Strategic Investor

Casey Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Strategic Investor featuring a ‘5G Master Key.’

By subscribing to Strategic Investor today, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of a tiny $10 company that has created a solution to a crucial 5G problem. Dave Forest, senior analyst of Casey Research and the editor of Strategic Investors this stock “could show you substantial gains” as an early investor.

Can you really get rich quick with the 5G Master Key? Is Strategic Investor worth the price? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Casey Research’s Strategic Investor today in our review.


What is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is an email newsletter led by Dave Forest, a geologist and investor with 20+ years of experience in the mining and petroleum industry.

Today, Dave Forest uses his experience to recommend stocks, discuss financial trends, and highlight upcoming trends for investors.

Priced at $49 for your first year, Strategic Investor teaches investors how to earn huge returns on investment by investing strategically. The newsletter advocates a four-step plan to achieve financial freedom, including:

  • Assess
  • Consolidate
  • Position
  • Speculate

Doug Casey wrote the book on strategic investing in 1983 (he literally wrote a book called Strategic Investing). Today, Doug Casey’s financial analysis firm aims to use Doug Casey’s recommended steps to help investors earn big returns on their investments.


Casey Research is confident its investment guidance can deliver good returns for investors. Here’s how the company describes its advice:

“…there is a huge shift happening in the markets…huge distortions that we are ready to take advantage of. Most investors ignore these… in fact, most can’t see them at all. They stick their money in an ETF and call it a day. Then they don’t understand why they’re perpetual losers. Value investors… trend followers… they also have blinders on. Our advice allows you to emerge a victor from the financial battlefield of the future.”

Anyone can subscribe to Strategic Investor today on the official website. If you sign up today, you get a bundle of bonus eBooks and reports, including one report discussing a ‘5G Master Key.’ We’ll talk more about those bonuses and reports below.

What is the 5G Master Key?

As part of a 2021 promotion, Casey Research has launched a report highlighting a ‘5G Master Key.’ Investors who buy the company that makes this tool today could earn huge returns in the future.

Dave Forest introduces the 5G Master Key in a video and text presentation featured on the official website. Over the presentation, Dave explains what that key is, how it works, and why investors should buy a $10 stock today to reap the rewards of the 5G Master Key.

Dave claims to have spotted a small company with shares priced under $10. That company makes a 5G technology crucial for 5G connectivity.

The company’s tool eliminates dead zones in 5G networks. Here’s how Dave describes it in the Strategic Investor presentation:

“This tiny company teamed up with the British cell phone giant, Vodafone, to beam its 5G signals throughout its network. And it worked like a charm! Instantly…just about all the 5G dead-spots were gone…”

Dave seems confident that investors who buy the company today could earn huge gains. He claims even a tiny stake in the company could lead to huge gains in the near future:

“A tiny stake in this company could show you substantial gains….for investors, it all adds up to a chance to make a lot of money.”

Dave claims the 5G Master Key company has multiple million-dollar deals around the world. In Peru, the company signed a deal worth $285 million to provide connectivity support. China Satcom recently selected the company to provide broadband connections across China. And Gazprom Space Systems chose the company to spread broadband coverage across Russia, paying $18 million.

Dave believes the company will arrange similar deals around the world in the near future, creating networks in Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, France, India, and other countries. The company’s technology will spread around the world – and investors who buy the 5G Master Key company today could earn huge returns, according to Dave.

What is 5G’s Epic Problem?

Dave claims 5G has an epic problem – and the 5G Master Key company has the technology to solve that problem.

It’s no secret that 5G improves speeds and connectivity. However, 5G’s problem is that you need many 5G devices to maximize connectivity. 5G doesn’t penetrate through buildings or into enclosed spaces as well as previous wireless technologies. That’s why we need multiple 5G repeater devices and relays to ensure maximum coverage.

Here’s how Dave describes the problem on the 5G Master Key sales page:

“There’s a fatal flaw that could prevent 5G from rolling out across the country. And if this flaw isn’t fixed…It could take years for American cities to see true 5G speeds…”

Giant telecommunication firms like T-Mobile and Sprint have invested billions into 5G technology. However, their efforts may fail without the solution provided by the tiny 5G Master Key company.

Here’s how Dave explains the solution created by that company:

“…giant telecom firms — like T-Mobile and Sprint — have focused their attention on ONE tiny company…That owns a powerful new technology…That instantly fixes 5G’s glitch…And should reward early investors with substantial gains.”

Dave calls it the 5G Master Key.

With the help of this 5G Master Key, major telecommunications companies can roll out 5G across the United States. Consumers can enjoy speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s 4G speeds. 5G is already live in multiple United States test cities.

To continue rolling out, we need the 5G infrastructure created by the 5G Master Key company. We need the 5G Master Key. That’s why Dave believes the stock is positioned to surge in the coming months.

Strategic Investor’s #1 Stock of 2021

Dave and the Strategic Investor team do more than just recommend buying the stock: they claim this stock is their number one recommended investment for 2021.

Here’s how Dave and the Strategic Investor team describe the investment opportunity:

“This Is Our #1 Stock for 2021… and Beyond You Could See Substantial Gains With This One Decisive Move…The small company that makes the 5G “Master Key” is the perfect play for the $12 trillion 5G build-out boom. That’s why we’re 100% confident this little company could be the #1 tech stock for 2021… and beyond.”

Dave even believes that investors who buy the stock today “could become tomorrow’s tech millionaires.”

To find out more about the 5G Master Key and how to invest in the company today, you need to subscribe to Strategic Investor today.

All new subscriptions come bundled with a report called The 5G Master Key. That report features the name of the company and its ticker symbol, as well as everything you need to know about investing in the company.

How Much Money You Could Make?

The Strategic Investor sales page is filled with claims of investors earning triple-digit returns by following the newsletter’s investment advice:

“Two securities we recommended in another advisory grew as much as 218% and 231%.”

The sales page also features images of tech companies delivering huge returns for investors between 1999 and the present. Investors in Nvidia, for example, earned returns of 17,672% between 1999 and the present. Investors in Amgen Inc earned 160,000 between 1985 and the present.

Casey Research also claims to have recommended Biogen, which grew 24,400% over the last 30 years. Casey Research purportedly recommended the stock in April 1985 as a major biotech play.


Casey Research also claims to have recommended buying Amgen in the 1980s. That company has delivered returns of 160,000% over the last few decades. A $1,000 investment into Casey Research’s recommended stock in the 1980s would have turned into a $1.6 million windfall today.

The sales page claims these returns aren’t just fantasy: real readers have followed these recommendations and earned huge returns. Casey Research cites the story of Ruby Jean and Tolbert Moore, owners of a beauty school in California, who used Casey Research’s recommended investment technique to make $1.5 million. Casey Research recommended purchasing rural cell phone tower licenses through a lottery system, and the couple used this system to earn a fortune.


Dave also claims the average gain for his research service in 2020 was 39.5%. Even in a year where markets surged, a gain of 39.5% is impressive.


Making things look better for the 5G Master Key company, Dave claims the company “should reward early investors with substantial gains” and that “shares could soar in the months ahead.” In fact, Dave claims these predictions “may be a conservative estimate.”

Now, Casey Research describes its 5G Master Key company as its number one investment of 2021. Investors who buy the company today could earn huge returns, according to the new Strategic Investor sales page.


What’s Included with Strategic Investor?

As part of a 2021 promotion, Casey Research bundles a collection of bonus reports with all new subscriptions. If you subscribe to Strategic Investor today, your subscription includes all of the following:


1 Year Subscription to Strategic Investor

Each month, Dave Forest and the Strategic Investor team send investors stock recommendations, market news and analysis, and other reports. Strategic Investor advocates investing strategically to earn big returns – just like Doug Casey, the creator of Casey Research, has advocated since the 1980s.


Special Report #1: The 5G Master Key: How to Cash in as 5G Sweeps the Globe

In this report, the Casey Research team discusses a company that has solved a crucial problem in 5G connectivity. That company has purportedly created a technology that eliminates dead zones. Countries and telecom companies around the world are lining up to do business with this company because it has the 5G Master Key. The Strategic Investor team describes this company as its #1 investment of 2021, and they are confident investors could make big returns even from a small stake.


Special Report #2: Two More 5G Stocks Set to Explode

Casey Research has identified other 5G companies they believe will “explode” in the near future. The first company is the biggest player in 5G infrastructure, operating a network of 180,000 cellular sites in 19 countries. The second company focuses on a critical piece of 5G infrastructure that serves 160 million Americans. The report explains the names and ticker symbols of both stocks along with an explanation of why you should invest.


Special Report #3: America’s Ultimate Tech Boom: 3 Moonshot Stocks

Casey Research discusses three small stocks in this report that help you play the high tech boom. Dave claims one of these companies previously delivered 393% returns to his subscribers. The report names the three tech companies and why they could be poised to explode.

Portfolio Management & Updates

Strategic Investor does more than just issue stock recommendations. The company also tracks companies daily with its team of analysts and researchers. The company tracks its recommended stocks continuously. When the analysts believe it’s time to sell a stock or buy more, they issue an alert to subscribers. The company also recommends a specific position size, making it easy to match your portfolio to Strategic Investor’s portfolio and earn similar returns.

Strategic Investor Pricing

Strategic Investor is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter.

If you subscribe to Strategic Investor today through the promotion form, you can buy your first year for $49. You’ll automatically be subscribed to renew your policy for $129 per year continuously, although you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Strategic Investor Refund Policy

Strategic Investor is backed by a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days.

If you’re unhappy with the investment advice provided by Strategic Investor, or if you disliked the recommended 5G companies, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase.

About Casey Research

Casey Research is an investment advisory service founded by Doug Casey. For the past 30 years, the company has published financial advice and investment recommendations both online and offline. Today, Casey Research offers several financial newsletters targeting different investment goals, including The Casey Report, Crisis Investing, and Casey Daily Dispatch.

Key members of the Casey Research team include Doug Casey (Founder), Nick Giambruno (Editor), John Pangere (Senior Analyst), and David Forest (Editor).

You can contact Casey Research via the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-512-2739
  • Email: memberservices@caseyresearch.com
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Strategic Investor Final Word

Casey Research and the Strategic Investor team have launched a new marketing campaign for the financial newsletter. In exchange for subscribing to Strategic Investor today, you can discover the company that makes the ‘5G Master Key’, a crucial piece of technology that facilitates the rollout of 5G technology.

Dave Forest and the Strategic Investor team are confident their recommended company could earn huge returns for investors in the coming months. Telecommunication companies are lining up to do business with this firm. That’s why Strategic Investor describes the company as their #1 recommended stock of 2021.

To learn more about Strategic Investor and what the 5G Master Key is, subscribe to Strategic Investor today.

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