Commissioners seek market analysis for Lost Mountain station

As they did with two other properties sold in the past year, Clallam County Fire District 3 leaders agreed to commission a market analysis for the value of Lost Mountain Station 36.

Fire commissioners agreed on April 2 to contract again with Mark McHugh Real Estate to gauge how much the property could sell for and contribute to the costs of building a new Carlsborg Station 33.

Previously, commissioners sold the district’s 1.96-acre East Anderson Road property for $160,000, and another sale remains pending (valued at $175,000) as of April 10 for the district’s 5.2 acres of land on the 100 block of Sieberts Creek Road.

Lost Mountain Station 36 opened in June 1980 and is about six miles south of U.S. Highway 101 at 40 Texas Valley Road.

District leaders held community meetings in October and March to recruit volunteers to potentially keep the station used, but it garnered only one volunteer, staff report.

The fire station hasn’t had an active volunteer since 2021 and without a vehicle for about a decade.

Commissioner Mike Mingee, who attended both public meetings, said in an interview selling the station is a tough decision but the right one.

“It’s just deferred maintenance we’re paying for,” he said.

If they do sell the station, Mingee said he’s in favor of using some proceeds to purchase a container and some equipment for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members on Lost Mountain.

“We don’t want to completely leave the area as it’s an isolated area that could be cut off,” he said.

Commissioner Bill Miano said in an interview they would consider seeking an easement or another type of partnership with a property owner to store the container.

“Since there’s a one way in and out road, it’s a perfect candidate up there,” he said.

For calls in the Lost Mountain area, Carlsborg Station 33 staffs three firefighters/medics that could respond, and have about an 8 minute response time to the area, said Fire Chief Justin Grider in March.

“I think the service delivery is still there,” Grider said in a follow-up interview. “Our folks do a fantastic job.”

Mingee said in the coming commissioner meetings, staff will continue to assess the district’s assets to see what can go towards building a new Carlsborg Station at the current Training and Operation Center property.

He and Miano said they’re considering a design-build process to cut down on costs, but they’ll need to start with what the district can afford before talking design.

“It’s hard to say a cost estimate, but fire station builds are about $1,000 a square foot — that’s the going rate right now,” Mingee said.

“Speaking for the build, I believe the design will be austere but it’ll serve the purpose.

“We are determined build something in Carlsborg to replace the existing station. We’ve simply outgrown out of it.”

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