Random Questions: Kim McDougal

For almost a year, Kim McDougal has been the namesake behind Blondie's Plate, 134 S. Second Ave.

For almost a year, Kim McDougal has been the namesake behind Blondie’s Plate, 134 S. Second Ave.

McDougal was born and raised in Forks and moved to Seattle at 18 where she went on to work mostly in management positions before she determined serving food was her passion.

While she’s never been called Blondie in her life, McDougal said, she didn’t want to be limited by one genre in a name.

“We specialize in small plates,” she said. “It’s how I like to eat. I like to share and have one of everything.”

McDougal said she and her husband, Rick McDougal, owner of H20 Plumbing, bought a house 10 years ago on Bell Street with the intention of opening a restaurant. It would’ve been called Blondie’s on Bell, but they abandoned the idea when the economy went sour.

However, the opportunity to open Blondie’s Plate later opened up.


Question 11: What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

McDougal: I watch “Real Housewives” on Bravo. My husband was watching it one day and I got pulled in. It’s bad!


Question 14: Who would you most like to buy dinner for?

McDougal: I admire Oprah the most. I think we’d have a good conversation and I could feed her well here.


Bonus Question 1: What is the most popular food at Blondie’s Plate?

McDougal: The Jack Mac N’ Cheese is the most popular meal and the Moscow Mule is the most popular drink.


Bonus Question 2: Is there something you wish people tried more?

McDougal: I wish people would peruse the menu and try something new each time.


Question 21: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

McDougal: When I was really young, I wanted to be an actress. When I was 17 I told my dad I will own a restaurant.


Question 31: Would you give me a dollar? Why or why not?

McDougal: Yes, because you asked for it. I like to be generous and help people out when they need it.


Question 38: If you could thank someone, who would it be?

McDougal: My family. My aunts have been extremely influential. My whole family is incredible cooks. I also know how to take care of people because my family showed me how to.


Blondie’s Plate celebrates its anniversary during Cinco de Mayo. For more information on Blondie’s Plate call 683-2233 or look for it on Facebook.

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