From the Back Nine: Three strikes …

Well, it’s been a trifecta sort of day.

1. The dishwasher stopped working and leaked water which seeped under the floorboards.

2. Sis’s computer quit making any kind of sound.

3. The battery in our oldest fliver went flopbot.

The last time the battery needed a jump, we called our emergency road service, and the guy who came out looked very concerned when he regarded the two of us. He proceeded to lecture us about getting a battery charger. It felt like a scene out of “Thelma and Louise Actually Survived and Got Too Old to be Trusted on Their Own” …

We did subsequently purchase a battery charger. But we couldn’t get it to work which is largely due to instructions that were translated out of some language into some other one, neither bearing a resemblance to any language we recognize.

However, we didn’t want to call the road service guy again because we didn’t want to concern him unduly. Oh, that’s rot: we didn’t want another lecture. We had to fix it. Sis succeeded when our renter took pity on his elderly landladies huddling next to the dead car in the driveway. He got it working.

Really, it is terribly unfortunate how our dog treated him, assuming he was up to no good.

The dishwasher is past its use-by date by a few dozen years so the fact it needs a burial is no big mystery. What to do about the curling floor boards, now that’s the mystery.

Meanwhile, Sis totaled the price of a new machine, delivery, haulage of old machine, installation of new machine, and you know what? We both remembered we at one time knew how to wash dishes by hand! Mom taught us during the Iron Age.

Regarding the computer sound issue? Well, for this one day, it’s nice not to be shrieked at by politicos. Like Scarlet, I’ll think about that tomorrow. Guess we’ll get out our trumpet and tonette for an evening of home entertainment.

A day like this is miserable for anyone living alone. Living alone takes so much work. If you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. Since I don’t live alone (in case you’re wondering, Sis and I are both widows), we can deal with online searches and phone calls and pleading with service people. We have plenty of time to do that and still get back to worrying about the world situation.

Linda B. Myers is the author of 10 novels, including “Starting Over Far Away,” her newest book available now at Pacific Mist and Port Book and News. You can reach her at