Letters to the Editor, Aug. 8-14

Vote of confidence

Last Tuesday the voters of Sequim gave our police department an overwhelming vote of confidence. The Sequim Public Safety Sales Tax passed by a 60-to-40 percent majority.

That endorsement means a great deal to the city council, our staff and especially to the men and women of our police force. In these tough economic times, for the people of our community to say “Yes” to even a very small tax measure is a sign that we are all willing to work together to improve our city and the working conditions for our dedicated officers. 

The message in the campaign literature was “It’s About Time!” Now, thanks to the citizens of Sequim, the message is “The Time Has Come!” Contributors and supporters from within the city as well as from across our area came together to help spread the message to voters. We are all pleased that Sequim’s residents made our effort successful.

Please stay connected as we move forward on the design of the building. 

Future plans will be discussed and displayed in the community. This will be your police headquarters. Our police department is an important contributor to your quality of life. 

Thanks for giving us the chance to serve you better.

Ken Hays, Mayor of City of Sequim

Bill Dickinson, Sequim Police Chief

Pat Johansen, Coordinator of Citizens for Sequim Public Safety



WAG could use our help

The Welfare for Animals Guild has just recently rescued dogs from another puppy mill. They had been in a cage for a year.

Please help with dog food and support for their urgently needed building fund.

The mailing address is: WAG, PO Box 3966, Sequim WA, 98382.

Thank you for caring.

Fran Pollari



In poor taste, no matter your politics

Just a short note to say how distasteful the pictures of our President with Hitler’s mustache are on the pictures at our local Post Office.

A lot more taste would definitely be preferable to this tacky show from his opposition. Opposition to our elected officials is part of American life.

But signs under these photos asking for impeachment is so distasteful.

Mary E. Marshall



A hierarchy of freedoms

I recently observed political solicitation occurring near USPS property. Large print signs were displayed on the city sidewalk asking motorists to PULL OVER, IMPEACH —–. 

(In June also a large picture of this targeted political figure, with a Hitler-like mustache added.)

Clearly visible were two city ordinance signs stating NO PARKING ANYTIME. Two motorists parked on Sunnyside Avenue and walked over to talk and sign petitions. A Sequim motorist behind them hesitated and drove around the blocked street and nearly hit head-on traffic. 

At the mailbox lane a long line formed, as vehicle No. 1 chose to park and extend his conversation. Is there something inappropriate and horribly unsafe with this picture and practice? 

(In June a nearby merchant advised these same protestors had solicited monetary donations.) 

My primary concern is high potential for motorist injury that could change lives forever. As a nurse of 17 years, and a former Sheriff’s Deputy dispatcher, I uphold public safety practices and strongly believe these people should find another location for their political agendas.

In June our Postmaster advised me that several official complaints to the Sequim Police Department had been called in. Officers stated these protestors are acting within their rights of free speech. When I last checked the Constitution, these rights also come with responsibility. 

The Supreme Court also has recognized several different types of laws that restrict speech (i.e. time, place and manner restrictions). 

What about the rest of us Americans, who want to be free from being unduly harassed or politically solicited while mailing our freedom of speech letters?

A sad commentary, if we have become a society so fearful of litigation — that we do not stand up without reservation, to protect the quality of human life! 

Brenda Bach




Bring up those benches

What’s really needed is higher benches all the way on Washington Street. The ones there now are so-o-o-o low — very difficult for our older people to sit on — impossible. 

Will anyone start a project to make the benches higher and have more of them? Washington Street is such a nice walk from QFC all the way to Walmart, but many need a rest and a few minutes to people-watch and have a latte.

Sue West




Beautiful bells

Bells Angels is a community hand bell group celebrating their 10-year anniversary this August.

My group of friends have taught themselves how to play hand bells. We perform for seniors who live in assisted living and retirement communities in our area. Our mission is to bring music, fellowship and good cheer to the lives of those we meet. It has been a rewarding experience. We have three yearly concerts. In spring we play mostly Irish tunes, in summer we have a terrific set of songs that include patriotic pieces and we have wonderful Christmas tunes for winter. 

This is a self-supported group that had the bells donated by Tom Carey and Glennis Neslin. We were borrowing bells from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and our member, Pam Bedford. We extend a huge thank you for their generosity and support. 

Our members include Cheryl Smoker, Mary Thayne, Pat Nebel, Susie and Charity Van Ausdle, Karren Craw, Mary Whitmore, Randa Wintermute, Pam Bedford, Laura Anderson, and Jessie. With their other musical gifts we also have a trumpet, flute, harmonica, recorder, keyboard and hopefully soon fiddle or guitar that we can play along with our hand bells.

I would like to thank retired members who gave so much: Margie, Tammy, Brandi, Yung, Katelyn, Jessie B., Ashley, Hailey, Cindy, Deanne and Vern.

I hope this will be a tradition that we will keep for another 10 years. 

Thank you for being such wonderful friends.

Your fearless ringleader,

Phyllis Carey



Destruction from within

Thank God for the printed word. Abraham Lincoln’s writings survive and hold true.

In January 1837, only 23 years old, at a speech to a Young Men’s Lyceum in Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln asks the question, "Will we expect a transatlantic giant to step the ocean and crush us? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth, except our … could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River … in a thousand years.

"… If destruction be our lot … as a nation of freemen we must live or die by suicide."

Today we have President Barack Obama firmly dedicated to our suicide. I pray to God to help us stop him and give us the wisdom to heal our self-inflicted wounds.

Lorraine Ross

Port Angeles


High hopes are dashed

"Freedom or slavery" (A quote from Patrick Henry March 23, 1775)

Freedom: Inculcates liberty. The right to act morally and legally according to your own will, as long as it does not affect the ability of someone else to act according to their own will. 

Slavery: A condition of being enslaved. The state or condition of being  held in involuntary servitude as the property of someone else. It appears the policies of the present administration are designed to insure restriction  of personal freedoms and economic slavery. Have we become the property of our own government.

Taxes and bureaucracies: They are essential to the functioning of government. When these necessary entities are corrupted to something less than for the good of ‘We The People’ they are evil and become implements of subjugation. 

Massive expansion of government to implement Obamacare will not add to the national treasury, it will take from it, massively. Taxes will sky rocket.  

I had such high hopes for Obama. That sentiment no longer exists 

I have come to believe that a vote for Obama, is a vote for slavery.

Critical: A must see movie … ‘Obamas America 2016’

A must read … Patrick Henrys’ speech of March 23, 1775. Why did he say “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”? Our adversary in 1775 was Great Briton. 

Our adversary today appears to be our current administration.

Roger Smith