Guest column: Supreme Court ruling helps hometown newspapers keep eye on legislators

In 1869, the Daily Cleveland Herald quoted lawyer John Godfrey Saxe as saying, “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know… Continue reading

  • Jan 8, 2020

Water Matters: Laws of water

The funny thing about water law is that it can seem as fluid as the medium it’s meant to manage. The relatively new state of… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: Here we go again …

Once again, it’s that time for new resolutions. Here are two of mine that won’t cause political fallout among readers right here on the first… Continue reading

  • Jan 1, 2020

Letters to the editor — Jan. 1, 2020

Consider the evidence for Trump In reference to Tim Wheeler’s letter to the editor (Sequim Gazette, Dec. 13): Wheeler states: “Uphold the Constitution and rule… Continue reading

  • Jan 1, 2020

Think About It: An impossible year

The grand prize-winning photo in Wildlife magazine was a photo of a Central African gorilla. The photographer Anup Shah captured the magnificent animal in a… Continue reading

Aging Successfully: An anniversary thank you

This month’s column is a special one — at least it is for me. It is holiday time when I could easily write about fun,… Continue reading

  • Dec 25, 2019

CommunityPlus: Social media and political discourse

How have we come to be so divided that we can barely tolerate, let alone talk with, someone who’s views are not the same as… Continue reading

  • Dec 25, 2019

Guest opinion: Lt. Gov., Republican senators could use some holiday goodwill

Stuck on what gifts to give Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib and Republican state senators this holiday season? Consider one present they can unwrap together: an… Continue reading

Guest opinion: What you need to know about Tobacco and Vapor 21

Washington State is kicking off a big change for the better. As of Jan. 1, 2020, Engrossed House Bill 1074 — or Tobacco and Vapor… Continue reading

  • Dec 25, 2019

Water Matters: Reciprocal gifts

Did Mother Earth gift you crab to crack or oysters to shuck this season? Fresh delicacies from the cold waters of the Strait are a… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Bridges shouldn’t have to sink to be replaced

Bridges shouldn’t have to sink to be replaced. However, at times that’s what it takes. Too often new projects succumb to years of fighting among… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Political lines drawn in Trump impeachment process

What will you feel when the U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach President Donald J. Trump? Relief, satisfaction, frustration, anger? Maybe nothing at all?… Continue reading

Think About It: ‘Walking into a hug’

The main room at John Wayne Marina is large enough for most events but wasn’t big enough to hold the grief of so many who… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Leadership, cooperation, commitment will recover salmon

Treaty Indian tribes in western Washington are greatly encouraged by Gov. Jay Inslee’s recent commitment to challenge the status quo and take steps needed for… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Legislators miss chance to give guidance to state collective bargaining

In late June 2017, with a partial shut down of government looming, Gov. Jay Inslee reached a deal guaranteeing lawmakers a chance to influence future… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: The Rat Pack

Nature has decided to gift me this Christmas with rodents. They have merrily worked their way through a smorgasbord of engine wiring. Ho-Humbug-Ho. I whined… Continue reading

  • Dec 4, 2019

Guest opinion: ‘Retail-tainment’ may save malls

Preliminary sales trends from Small Business Saturday show a continuing increase in smartphone purchases even among shoppers patronizing local merchants. According to the Associated Press,… Continue reading

Guest Opinion: Eyman’s run an election wildcard for 2020

We knew it would happen. It’s a wonder it took this long. Tim Eyman, the initiative impressario, political provacateur and human heartburn for a generation,… Continue reading

Think About It: Highjacked hope

Have you noticed how often politicians refer to kitchen table issues? It’s not as popular as claiming to speak on behalf of the “American people,”… Continue reading

Aging Successfully: Senior appreciation and thank yous

According to the United Nations, one out of every 10 persons is now 60 years old or older. By the year 2050, one out of… Continue reading

  • Nov 27, 2019