Water Column: 2020 vision

I’ll do my best to bring water into this water column, but with our cool, damp spring and a few global distractions, for once, water… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: Lockdown lessons

I have read some terrific articles on living in lockdown. This is not one of them. This is merely a list of little things I’ve… Continue reading

  • Jun 3, 2020

Guest opinion: Closed landfills may house solar farms

Solar power is getting a lot of attention these days as our country strives to reduce greenhouse gases. Sunny cities like Honolulu, Los Angeles and… Continue reading

Think About It: Something old, something new

My brother and I stood outside the grey building looking up at the window waiting for our father to appear. The sky was turning into… Continue reading

Aging Successfully: The gift of true stories

Before starting this month’s column, I want to share how reader Karen Whiteside emailed with wise suggestions for putting our affairs in order (April 2020… Continue reading

  • May 27, 2020

CommunityPlus: Civic reasoning and Covid-19

By Ken Stringer For the Sequim Gazette Civic reasoning is the practice of thinking through the various aspects of individual and collective involvement in the… Continue reading

  • May 27, 2020

Guest opinion: Fixing habitat key to salmon recovery

Until we take real action to protect and restore salmon habitat, we are looking toward a future with more tightly restricted fisheries for everyone. That’s… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Brighter future for papermakers

In recent years, papermakers in Pacific Northwest have been losing ground. However, today there is a ray of hope. Surprisingly, that optimism results from the… Continue reading

Think About It: Nonsensical

“Nonsensical” is the musical way of saying something is nonsense, ridiculous, absurd and irrational. The word seems old-fashioned, which I confirmed through trivial pursuit research… Continue reading

Being Frank: Pollution-based economy cannot be sustained

On April 16, as the coronavirus attacked communities across Washington, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is rolling back our water quality… Continue reading

Guest column: Back to the wild, in a whole new outdoor recreation world

Exploring the outdoors feeds our souls and helps keep us healthy, when done responsibly. Yet, as we begin to once again enjoy these benefits, we… Continue reading

  • May 13, 2020

Guest opinion: Coronavirus, work must coexist

By now it is apparent that, barring a miracle, a cure for COVID-19 will not happen soon; however, to make it a condition of removing… Continue reading

Water Matters: Raised consciousness

As a “non-essential,” mostly-office worker, I’ve been in a lot of Zoom meetings lately with others also working from home. As awkward as online meetings… Continue reading

From the Back Nine: The Timekeeper

By Linda B. Myers For the Sequim Gazette I live with my sister and one other geezer. All of us are well into the ‘vulnerable’… Continue reading

  • May 6, 2020

Guest opinion: Unemployment payments provide necessary cushion for jobless Americans

America’s unemployment rate is suddenly approaching historic levels. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began almost two months ago, roughly 30.3 million people have filed for jobless… Continue reading

Think About It: The eyes have it

“Bertha? Is that you?” The question came from the person standing at the other end of the wine aisle. He had just asked me if… Continue reading

Guest opinion: Apples, potato keys to post coronavirus recovery

Our state is blessed with some of the most creative people and businesses in the world. Many of their innovations are making key differences during… Continue reading

Aging Successfully: Putting our affairs in order

This time of self-isolation is the perfect time to put our affairs in order, or at least to begin the process. The good news is… Continue reading

  • Apr 22, 2020

CommunityPlus: COVID-19 and fear

As I write this in late March, we are in the midst of a global crisis none of us has experienced. Other past crises, such… Continue reading

  • Apr 22, 2020

Think About It: Conflicting thoughts in small spaces

“In nursing (and medicine), the worst outcome is death.” This quote came from a woman, a nurse, I interviewed for my book on women and… Continue reading