Schools In Focus: A focus on the future

As the Sequim School District approaches the conclusion of the school year, it is important to take stock of all the successes and celebrations that have occurred across our schools, classrooms and programs this year. To do this, our district has launched a district online magazine titled “Kaleidoscope.” Two issues are available on our website ( and a new issue will be published online later this month.

We look forward to the community reading about all the many accomplishments and opportunities experienced by Sequim school district students, staff and community partners alike this year. Be sure and check out the amazing work being done across our district!

While amplifying many of the student and staff accomplishments is exciting, so is looking forward to the priorities that will steer the work in Sequim School District’s future. Guiding such choices is the development of the Sequim School District Strategic Plan. The district’s strategic plan is a road map that will guide our decision-making, resource allocation and goal-setting. It will provide clarity, direction and purpose.

Phase One of the Strategic Plan has been built with community stakeholder input to focus on these four primary building blocks:

Academic excellence

Our students deserve nothing less than excellence. This strategic plan priority pushes us to set ambitious academic goals so that we are constantly striving to ensure every child receives a high-quality education. Whether it is enhancing curriculum, investing in professional development for teachers, or investing in best practice teaching methods, academic excellence is at the core of our mission.

Pathways to graduation, beyond

Graduating from high school is a milestone that opens doors to countless opportunities. This strategic plan priority will focus our district to identify key milestones, align coursework, provide robust support systems, and recognize the many directions for which students may wish to prepare after high school.

Whether a student aspires to college, vocational training, the military or entrepreneurship, our high school experience will develop the tools students need to succeed in work and life.

Civic, cultural responsibility

Our students are not just future professionals; they are also future citizens. Our strategic plan will focus on the fundamentals of a sense of civic duty, cultural awareness, community service and global understanding. A successful strategic plan involves everyone and will embrace equity and empathy to address the unique needs of all students.

Community volunteer partnerships

Education is a collective effort and Sequim School District volunteerism is on the rise within our schools. Our strategic plan objectives will foster collaboration through family and community engagement, local business partnerships and collaboration with civic organizations.

In addition, the Strategic Plan prioritizes life skill competencies to be developed as students make their way through their school district experience. The competencies include development of: Flexibility and Adaptability; Critical Thinking; Perseverance; Resilience, and Self-Management. These competencies encompass skills and mindsets that learners need to cultivate both over time and consistently throughout their school years. The learning opportunities that engage each of the competencies will have a developmental focus adapting to a life-ready focus as students near graduation.

Phase Two of Sequim School District’s Strategic Plan will now focus on defining objectives and engaging educator expertise to recommend the most effective action steps. Our school district’s definition of both the long- and short-term goals to realize our district mission and vision is critical to moving the district forward. Safe, supportive, and effective schools lead to the success we all wish for our students; a celebratory graduation day with a readiness to take advantage of the open doors to rewarding life opportunities.

This day happens to be right around the corner, we look forward to celebrating this milestone with our 2024 Sequim High School graduates next week!

Regan Nickels is superintendent of the Sequim School District. “Schools in Focus” is a recurring column featured in the Sequim Gazette. See For more information or to comment on this column, email to