Letters to the editor — July 4, 2018

No true consensus on Sequim fireworks ban

Well, if the city councilors banned fireworks based on the advisory vote of Sequim citizens in November, the 2,642 voters who voted against fireworks is certainly not a “consensus!”

And with the police having the power to punish a fireworks offender with a $5,000 fine or a year (364 days) in jail seems a little overkill!

I always thought that the Fourth of July was a valuable tradition that defined the character of our country … it’s history and how it has met different challenges during times of trouble. But this time, when we let the liberal mindset dictate our actions through cries for safety or political correctness, they are stepping on our patriotism and pride in country, as their “I’ll take care of you” government relieves us of any self-direction there is a price.

Through regulations, we are soon left with no choices and no self-respect. While pandering to everyone’s minute fears “in order to protect us,” they subtly take away the very freedoms we love.

While living out the innate principles within us, I believe “parents” can educate their children as to the dangers of fireworks, and not lead them by the hand through life.

Please, write or e-mail your city councilor.

Travis Williams


Vote Neupert for District Court judge

I am writing to ask everyone to vote for Dave Neupert for Judge, Clallam County District Court 1. I have known and worked with Dave on a professional level for many years and found him to be very knowledgeable and thoughtful in his professional law practice.

Now I serve with him as a member of the Peninsula College Foundation Board and I am even more impressed with his careful consideration and leadership qualities. He clearly loves the law and is thorough in his evaluation of all pertinent information when discussing a topic. He has served as president of Habitat for Humanity and the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce. He fully participates in the community where he and his wife have lived for the past 27 years.

Clallam County will benefit from his experience, his insight, and his deep caring and respect for the law.

Please vote for him in the Primary Election on Aug. 7, 2018. I know that I will!

Jeanne Martin


Consider our history

The letter-writer (“Politics poorly played,” Sequim Gazette, June 27, page A-8) naively asks: “Why are wins for the Democrats always losses for our country?”

Hopefully, his Social Security check arrives on time.

Churchill thought reality trumped liberals, obsession with sentiment. All that changed at Gallipoli during WWI. As the First Lord of the Admiralty, he ordered the ill-fated attacks on Turkish forces resulting in more than 250,000 casualties. It haunted him still on June 6, 1944,

Our current immigration crisis mirrors that of our founders seeking refuge from persecution. As did the German ship, MS St. Louis, bound for the United States carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees escaping certain death at the hands of the Nazis. They were turned back to face the Holocaust.

Imagine, if you will, had our Native Americans built a border wall and vetted the pilgrims seeking asylum at their point of entry at Plymouth Rock while separating children from their parents.

Roger B. Huntman


Process set for Supreme Court replacement

The ink is not even dry on Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Anthony Kennedy’s resignation, and our esteemed Fourth Estate (definition: the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party) is in attack mode.

The President has not yet named the person he will nominate to replace Justice Kennedy, but that person is a right-wing extremist ideologue who will overturn Roe v. Wade and repeal all homosexual rights.

One wonders if any of these people ever took high school civics (I admit to sleeping through some of those lectures but not all of them) I did learn how our government works; obviously, some others did not.

Our government is composed of three equal branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Only the Legislative branch can make law. Indeed, the other two branches are constitutionally forbidden to do so.

The U.S. Supreme Court is an appellate court; it only acts upon cases referred to it by lower courts, and it’s decisions are based solely on the constitutionality of cases it hears. Therefore, the court cannot arbitrarily overturn existing law. Ergo, Roe v. Wade will remain the law of the land until suit is brought against it and it has a hearing in one of the circuit Courts of Appeals, and the suit is brought forward to the Supreme Court where it is deemed to be unconstitutional.

A final note: DNC Chairman Thomas Perez states that every Democrat must accept abortion. My question: Why would any political party claim the willful murder of innocent unborn children as a king plank of its platform?

Ethan Harris


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