Letters to the editor — April 28, 2021

Mask-wearing shows care for others

The sign says, “Wearing masks is not the law.” That is correct.

Wearing masks is about consideration and courtesy for your fellow human beings.

Being considerate of others is not the law either, so being inconsiderate isn’t necessarily unlawful. It’s just rude — and totally devoid of discernment.

George Lindamood


Reasons to avoid our town

The group called Sequim 2000 started around 1993 with the intent to help Sequim to change from a “sleepy little town” into one more lively and more attractive to tourists. In the end a Saturday market got created, a few more interesting stores got established and we got lavender fields, and finally the Lavender Festival.

Soon it became obvious that more people, tourists and locals alike, were enjoying the stores, the restaurants, festivals and the general ambiance.

And what do we have now? At Sequim Avenue and Washington Street, and occasionally further west, we have angry people trying to change our political opinions, encouraging us to disregard health guidelines and the well-being of our community. On the other corner a different group is hoping to turn us toward religion with definitely uninviting signs. One person is merely expressing his opinion with regard to Black Lives Matter — he has been there the longest.

If I were a tourist, coming off U.S. Highway 101, I would take the next exit and leave this unwelcoming city and spend my time and money somewhere else.

Renate Melvey


Hard to pin Biden down

The ever-shifting positions of President Biden simply demand that we play yet another exiting game of “Remember when but now”:

Remember when Biden opposed abortion and backed overturning Roe v. Wade (New York Times, March 2019) but now supports legalizing abortion and retaining Roe v. Wade” (Harper’s Bazaar, January 2021)

Remember when Biden authored the 1994 “Tough on Crime Law” and would “Lock the S.O.B.s up” (vox.com, June 2019) but now favors reducing the number of incarcerations while focusing on redemption? (joebiden.com/justice)

Remember when he laughingly – and memorably – dismissed China’s importance, quipping “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on man” but now, somewhat belatedly, recognizes that China is “a serious challenge to us”? (businessinsider.co, 2019)

Remember when Biden voted for and supported the Iraq War but now he says he was against it from its onset? (Ramesh Ponnuru opinion, bloomberg.com)

Remember when Biden “lied routinely and pointlessly” by presenting British politician Neil Kinnock’s life story as his own, when he fibbed about his “arrest in Soweto,” when he blatantly lied about receiving academic awards and scholarships and his class-ranking” (washingtontimes.com opinion, October 2020) but now, without a trace of self-awareness, declares that we “have to restore decency and honor in our system”, implying that he is the man to do it? (Yahoo News, November 2020)

Remember when he seemed reasonably in touch with his own core issues and beliefs but now, apparently, he isn’t?

Remember when he could speak extemporaneously and at length – although not always truthfully – but now needs cue cards for simple statements, mistakes his wife for his sister, and forgets what state he is in? (Association of Mature American Citizens, September 2020)

Remember when he could remember but now, sadly, he can’t?

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles

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