Letters to the Editor — Nov. 17, 2021

School board director deserves support

Jim Stoffer, a Sequim School Board Director, has worked tirelessly to improve the education of Sequim children. Jim just received an award from the Soroptimists for his contributions to our community. Now Jim faces a misguided effort to force him to resign. The reasons given are flimsy, not credible.

The drive to remove Mr. Stoffer is divisive, does nothing to advance quality public education. It undermines democracy, transparency, civility, and mutual respect.

Sequim voters cast their ballots two to one Nov. 2 to remove the unelected “Gang of Four” who fired Charlie Bush. Voters replaced them with five candidates of “Good Governance.” Public health officer Dr. Allison Berry is also targeted with hateful slander and demands she resign.

Unlike Bush, Mr. Stoffer is elected and cannot be removed without just cause. Does the Sequim School Board think it is a good idea to subject our school children, our community, to another nasty campaign to force him to resign, a man of unimpeachable integrity and selfless service? Mr. Stoffer makes clear he will not resign.

We stand with Mr. Stoffer! We appeal to the Sequim School Board: End this drive to oust Mr. Stoffer! Get on with educating our children and youth.

It is also your duty to provide a safe environment, transparency, for staff and students, where grievances are heard and resolved with justice and speed.

Tim Wheeler


For the people of Sequim

Many people of sequim spoke out against the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic which their voices were turned off because the deal was already made. Now two more phases planned. Can it be stopped or do the people of Sequim get it shoved down their throats again and just shut up and deal with it?

I feel (former city councilors) Larkin, Kincaid, Pence, Day and Ness are for the people of Sequim. Because right now it’s like we are fighting the party of money, not for the people of Sequim.

We do not want people who want to rule but to listen and think what’s best for this little town.

But what I’m seeing is we the people are fighting for what’s right.

Melissa Petrino