Letters to the Editor — Oct. 7, 2020

Beautiful flower baskets once again

The flower baskets were better than ever this year — beautiful! Thanks to the Sequim High School agriculture department students led by Bill McFarland. A special thanks to the teachers who filled in to finish the baskets.

Thank you city, for maintaining the baskets and a great thanks to all the people who sponsored a flower basket. This is the first year all the baskets have been sponsored.

Wonderful … lets do that again next year.

Emily Westcott


Forde deserves vote over Chapman

Sue Forde, 24th district candidate hoping to defeat Mike Chapman this November, steadfastly supports our Second Amendment right to self-defense. Sue earned the Washington Arms Collector’s recommendation and, based on her questionnaire responses, an A rating from the NRA (www.nrapvf.org/grades/washington).

Mike Chapman would like to convince Second Amendment proponents he supports our constitutionally protected, God-given, Second Amendment right to protect ourselves, our families, our property and our freedom. In fact, Chapman received an F rating from the National Rifle Association.

Neglecting his oath to abide by Washington State and U.S Constitutions, Chapman voted for nine anti-Second Amendment bills and sponsored four bills — three dying in committee — that won’t deter criminals from committing gun crimes. Why not? Criminals don’t obey laws, do they? However, Chapman’s votes do restrict law abiding citizens’ right to self-defense.

Additionally, Chapman united with Democrats to make Washington a sanctuary state, consequently restricting law enforcement’s ability to protect lives and private property from law-breakers.

Sue Forde will defend police and work to make Washingtonians safer by removing our state’s sanctuary position. By rejecting Mike Chapman and electing Sue you will provide an opportunity to restore our Second Amendment rights to protect life, liberty, and property in Washington. Elect Sue!

Steve Marble


Lowe is good choice for council

It’s time to fill Troy Tenneson’s Sequim City Council seat. I recommend Vicki Lowe, a leader of the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe. She is a lifelong resident of Clallam County and a resident of Sequim for decades.

Vicki, a woman advocate of health care, has a deep love for quality of life on the Peninsula and will be the FIRST tribal representative on the council. It’s time! I urge the Sequim City Council to name her to fill the vacancy.

Ruth Marcus


Lowe should fill city council seat

The Sequim City Council would do us proud if they chose Vicki Lowe to fill the vacant seat on the council. She is a long-time Sequim resident, a Sequim High School graduate (Class of 1983) and a person of high moral principle.

She and her husband Jim are parents of five children and grandparents of seven.

Lowe is the Executive Director of the American Indian Health Commission. She is a strong backer of the Jamestown Family Health Clinic that serves 17,000 people. She is an advocate of health care for all.

She is a Jamestown S’Klallam tribal descendant on one side of her family and on the other, a descendant of pioneers who settled here. Her heritage expresses the unity that makes Clallam County a good place to live and raise families.

Lowe was the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s “Volunteer of the Year” in 2012. She belongs to the Jamestown Canoe Family and has been a “puller” since 2012. She supports singing, drumming, basket weaving and other tribal cultural activities.

If the city council seats her, it may be the first time that a descendant of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe has served on the Sequim council.

Lowe helped convince the Council to adopt a resolution condemning racism and discrimination. Her presence on the council will be a step toward making Sequim a “beloved community.”

Tim Wheeler


Note: Wheeler is acting chair of the Voices for Health and Healing group.

QAnon is indefensible

In his letter of Sept. 30, Clallam Republican party vice chair Donnie Hall (who “coached” QAnon adherent Mayor William Armacost to run unopposed for a Sequim City Council position) defends QAnon conspiracy theories by twisting facts and using vague terminology.

First he attributes concerns about QAnon to “the elites.” Exactly what he means by “elites” is unclear, but the word itself stirs resentment and division. In QAnon parlance, “cabal” is used to refer to thousands of Jewish bankers and blood harvesters, Democrats and celebrities who supposedly rule the world.

In the QAnon video Mr. Armacost recommended on the radio, the narrator promises that the cabal will soon be “eradicated” from the earth. Mr. Hall calls that “populism.” Call it anything you want: it is martial law that threatens the elimination of thousands.

Mr. Hall claims that the FBI maintains no “list” of “domestic terrorist organizations.” But in a 2019 intelligence bulletin, the FBI names QAnon conspiracy theories as likely to lead to “criminal, sometimes violent activity.” Read it for yourself: tinyurl.com/y6lgrlxl.

Mr. Hall declares that QAnon encourages freedom of thought. QAnon followers like Hall and Armacost often use what World Magazine calls “the ubiquitous Q defense to ‘do your own research’” (world.wng.org/2020/08/sign_of_the_times). They then recommend content-free (but frightening) videos such as the one suggested by the mayor.

QAnon is not an organization but a set of conspiracy beliefs that, as espoused by the mayor, anticipate violent martial law. However Mr. Hall labels it, it is divisive and dangerous.

Marsha Maguire


Pick Forde over Chapman

Between 2018-2020, Democrat state legislators proved their foolishly misguided belief of knowing better than children’s parents what is good and not good for children. Democrats spared no effort in forcing their will on parents, children and our society.

Disregarding some adolescents and children disturbed by a sense of being gay, lesbian or transgender, Mike Chapman voted for SB 5722 prohibiting psychologist and psychiatrists from providing counseling. What about time-honored doctor-patient confidentiality?

Chapman voted for HB 1551 altering intentional HIV transmission to gross misdemeanor instead of a felony, and for SB 5889, minors’ sex surgery without parental consent.

Ignoring our U.S. Supreme Court’s and First Amendment right of conscience affirmation, Chapman voted for SB 6219 requiring all Washington insurance companies, without co-payment (including illegal immigrant coverage) to provide all contraceptive drugs, devices, abortion and gender or sexual orientation services.

Unsurprisingly, Chapman voted for SB 5395, comprehensive mandatory sex education (CSE), denying local school board authority over sex education. Democrats rejected scores of legislative amendments, including an opt out for K-12 teachers objecting to curriculum because of their fundamental beliefs.

Chapman’s votes reducing parental and local authority impair family values, society’s stability, children’s best interests, Americans’ Judeo-Christian values and violate our First Amendment’s right of conscience.

Fortunately, voters can vote against mandatory CSE by voting to reject Referendum 90 on November’s ballot. Sue Forde, opposing Chapman, helped collect referendum signatures to reject mandatory CSE.

Sue strongly supports local control, parental rights and family values. Elect Sue.

Jindy O’Donnell

Port Angeles

Virus in the West Wing

Those who speak truth to power are a glimmer of light in a sea of darkness. The battle for truth in the face of lies, deception and cover-up is weakened by our indifference, our lack of courage and self-sacrifice, and our naive belief things will get better if we just look away until the evil disappears.

Fortunately for us there are some who risk all!

We also have a lethal virus in the Oval Office: POTUS 45. We have American carnage at the hands of a corrupt President, his followers and a sycophantic GOP. Who will be next to shine a light in this darkness? The pandemic of lies and indifference threaten us all.

Lt. Col. Vindman has also been in the news lately with additional comments about the President referring to him as Putin’s “useful idiot” and a “fellow traveler.” The costs to Vindman and others who have spoken out have had career-ending resignations and loss of promotions. Those who speak out show extraordinary courage.

And then we have Mayor William Armacost, the conspiracy theorist and QAnon advocate who many would like to see resign.

The irony is not lost here in the halls of government that those in power want to retain it even in the face of legitimate criticism from citizens they are supposed to represent who object to such destructive beliefs; essentially, protect those who have this power and discard those who don’t.

Roger Briggs


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