Letters to the editor — Sept. 30, 2020

Vote for our democracy

Vote, but vote for the candidate you feel will honor the result, and support subsequent elections.

A tidal wave of votes will be required to prevent our choices from being replaced with legal maneuvers, and with the final decision being made, not by the choice of voters, but self-interested hacks.

This could be our last chance.

Gerald Carpenter


Populist versus fascist

Ever notice that it is the populist trends which are most quickly labeled “fascist” by the elites. By definition, a populist movement seeks to return power to the people which, by definition, is the very antithesis of fascism.

Yet every time a populist thing emerges, just like sunrise, there are the wannabe power brokers, trying to shortcut democracy by screaming “Fascist” and any other handy word: loudly, offensively and obtrusively.

Take QAnon for instance. It is accused of many things which are simply untrue, axiomatically. It is often called a cult. However, QAnon lacks the three defining characteristics of a cult: no authoritative structure of discipline; no heterodox dogma, and no charismatic leader self-described as infallible.

It is said to be on the FBI’s watch list of “domestic terrorist” organizations. Yet when asked the FBI replied that it maintains no such list. Furthermore, QAnon has no effective organization from which it could possibly mount “terrorist” attacks. Two false accusations fall apart simply on their own internal logic.

So why the attacks on QAnon in general and the City of Sequim’s Mayor in particular? Very simply, it is because QAnon provides ordinary people with an avenue of free thought and Mr. Armacost is a populist. It is clear from the example of President Trump that populist leaders threaten entrenched power establishments both nationally and locally.

Empowering the people eviscerates power from the elites. They don’t like it. They fight back. They destroy with their cancel culture mob any populist who dares oppose them.

Donnie Hall


Election choices are clear

In the upcoming critical election we have a clear choice between socialist, big swamp government versus constitutional limited government and a prosperous free-market economy.

The corrupt, dishonest Democratic party clearly represents the first choice. Their dishonesty was plainly demonstrated with the phony Russia, Ukraine and impeachment scams and Kavanaugh hearings — all carried out with truckloads of lies.

The second choice, represented by President Trump, has been clearly demonstrated by this man’s amazing accomplishments of lowest unemployment, bringing back manufacturing, protecting the border, elimination of ISIS and two top terrorist leaders, a huge Middle East peace agreement, energy independence and a rebuilt military, to name a few.

Running Biden for the most demanding job in the world, a man who is obviously in major mental decline, is disgraceful and dangerous to all Americans. In no way does he have the energy or mental ability to perform the job, not even close.

Don’t expect any honest reporting from the vast majority of the mainstream media. They’ve sadly gone from reporting news to nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party and the radical socialists. Their bias and Trump-hating has long been crystal clear.

The Democrat Party has become so extreme that there is no way any rational person who is informed about history, basic market economics, and human nature could possibly vote for any Democrat today. This party is that corrupt and radical to the core. Americans better get informed and wake up to this fact pronto.

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Greg Carroll


A second chance

It appears that hearing examiner Mr. Phil Olbrechts has given the Sequim City Council and Director of Community Development Barry Berezowsky a second chance to do the right thing concerning the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s medication-assisted treatment (MAT) facility.

We have an opportunity to see if our government actually represents the community or continues to be co-opted by a self entitled and spoiled special interest. The arrogance of the tribe was certainly on display when Brent Simcosky, a tribe representative, stated that “he doesn’t see the result being any different” with the application eventually being approved.

What he is really saying is that the council and Barry better continue to do the tribe’s bidding. This seems to be a not-so-veiled threat.

From the beginning, we have known that the existing support structure for addicts in this area is more that sufficient and that the tribe’s only goal is to make money at the expense of our quality of life and safety. We need to ensure that our council hears us loud and clear: no MAT in Sequim.

Please provide each council member with your emails. The link to the council is: sequimwa.gov/Directory.aspx?did=5. Let us re-energize the more than 2,600 people that signed the petition opposing the MAT in Sequim.

We find it amusing that the Jefferson County’s commissioners voted unanimously to support the MAT in Sequim. What they really are saying with their vote is, “Thank God it is Sequim and not us.”

Bob and Carole Travis


Consider mayor’s support in coming elections

The Sequim City Council took no action against the Sequim Mayor William Armacost for sharing support for QAnon while performing in an official capacity. Yes, QAnon which purports baseless claims that prominent Democrats murder and eat children and are child sex-traffickers.

Per the FBI, “fringe conspiracies very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the risk of extremist violence.”

Rather than representing the residents of Sequim the mayor chose to spotlight his own personal dangerous conspiracy theories which has placed Sequim in the national spotlight for the Mayor of “crazy town.”

The council supported the mayor; no censure or official statement that this does not represent the values of the residents of Sequim.

By providing a pass to promoting hate speech while performing in an official capacity, the city council displayed their lack of leadership and thereby ability to manage the operation of our city.

Council members Dennis Smith, Mike Pence, Sarah Kincaid, and Brandon Janisse are up for re-election next year and Mayor William Armacost and Deputy Mayor Tom Ferrell in 2023.

The residents of Sequim need to remember the council’s support for the mayor’s promotion of hate speech while performing in an official capacity, encourage qualified candidates to run for Sequim City Council and vote the existing council out.

George Abrahams


Vote for change, support Forde

I’ve been watching State Rep. Mike Chapman for a while … and I’m getting to where I just can’t come to terms with some of his decisions. Two years ago when he voted for Senate Bill 5722 to keep therapists from helping minors with gender issues, I believe that was the tipping point for me.

I believe if you want help, you should be able to get help. In fact everything the Democratic party espouses is getting closer to the extreme. They haven’t came out and said so publicly, but I think they want to defund the police, if the cities of Seattle and Portland, Ore., with their democrat mayors, are any example. To me, that would be a recipe for disaster.

I’m thinking that Sue Forde is a better answer. The politicians we have now have been telling us one thing and doing something different for years. I think it’s time to stop voting party line politics and start choosing leaders with character and integrity instead of agendas.

William Yucha

Port Angeles

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