Letters to the editor — Sept. 7, 2022

Vote Hays for PUD

I enjoyed serving on Sequim’s City Council during the four years Ken Hays was mayor. He worked well with everybody — staff, councilors and community alike. He is thoughtful, curious, well-read and innovative.

I am excited for Clallam County that Ken is a candidate for Public Utility District No. 1 commissioner. He has a proven record as a public official. So much was accomplished during his eight years in office: building of our city hall and police station, getting a phenomenal credit rating of AA-, putting strategies and efficiencies in the city operations and a full year of celebrating Sequim’s Centennial. Check out hays4pud.com.

Ken will bring openness and transparency to the PUD. He will help write a strategic plan that will be responsive to the needs of Clallam County. He will get the ball rolling for high-speed internet to the weak and dead areas. He will bring practical solutions to ensure reliable electricity to all, especially the West End.

It’s time for a change.

Vote for Ken Hays, PUD District No. 1. Good choice!

Candace Pratt


Keep Purser for PUD

Will Purser, Clallam County PUD Commissioner and Board Chairman, is too valuable an asset to not be re-elected.

In 2014, after 45 years in the utility industry, my wife and I retired in Sequim. During my career, we lived in five western states where I managed two community for-profit utilities, one PUD and four electric cooperatives. I was also privileged to have served on a community school board, a college board of trustees, two hospital boards and a county planning commission. I hope my experience serves to validate this endorsement.

Given the breadth of my career and continued industry interests, I chose to run for commissioner in 2016 against Will Purser. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I reluctantly withdrew. Nevertheless, I’ve attended almost every PUD board meeting since 2016, unlike Ken Hays who is a bit of a “Johnny-Come-Lately” to the PUD.

Even though Ken Hays may have been an adequate small-town mayor and credentialed architect, he is just another recycled local politician searching for another seat. Clallam PUD’s future on the north Olympic Peninsula is way too important to allow on the job training when years of proven expertise are at the helm with Will Purser.

PUD customers should be grateful a person of Will Purser’s expertise, intelligence and character, who has selflessly given 22 years to Clallam PUD, is willing to serve another term.

I endorse Will Purser with gratitude for years of service past and future.

Please join me; vote Will Purser.

Werner Buehler


Vote for Ken Hays

I have known Ken and Joanna Hays for many years. They have been solid members of the community and ran their architecture firm in Sequim. Ken has also served on boards and held elected public office. He served on the Sequim City Council and served as the mayor of Sequim with many accomplishments for the city.

Ken is now running for the Clallam County PUD No. 1 Commissioner. There is no better candidate for this highly technical position. Along with technical expertise, Ken brings to the table a strong skill set of project management and facilities management and assessment skills from working for Pierce County as well as his leadership experience as mayor of Sequim.

Ken has put a major effort into learning where our PUD stands in the Northwest energy markets and has networked with PUD commissioners past and present preparing for his new job if elected.

Ken will work hard for Clallam County PUD ratepayers to keep rates stable and improve reliability. He will be looking forward to protect ratepayers.

He will work for Clallam County PUD only and does not and has never held any position with any other Northwest energy advocacy or lobby group.

Vote Ken Hays for PUD.

Sam Woods


Support Ken Hays

I recently had the opportunity to hear Ken Hays speak at a neighborhood gathering about his views and concerns with the state of our local and regional energy issues. I was very impressed with his broad knowledge of our energy infrastructure, its problems and what he thinks needs to be done to improve them.

Check out his web site at hays4pud.com. Then vote for Ken Hays.

Ron Puff


Follow WDFW example, close the border

Fishing for chinook salmon closed in Marina Area 6 recently because we reached our quota of “encounters.”

When the fish checker asks if you released any fish, when you say how many kings you released, those were “encounters” and determined the season.

I wish the same were true on our southern border. There have been more than 3,000,000 “encounters” with illegal border jumpers since Biden took over (U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data).

That is way more than our quota; my quota is zero.

It is time to do like our WDFW does to our salmon season, shut it down. Close the border. Our fishing is closed to all salmon right now.

What if our “encounters” with illegals at the border counted against the quota for legal immigration? Maybe it is time for the WDFW to show the White House how to run things.

We should only allow hatchery retention and no wild (legal migration and not illegal). We should manage our border like we manage fishing.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles

Cooper column hateful, untrue

I can certainly sympathize with Bertha Cooper’s personal situation with her husband’s health situation. But concerning her Aug. 24 column (“Ordinary longing,” page A12), she continues her long espoused hate for Trump/Republicans, making false statements about both.

The claim we’ve not had an ordinary life since Trump was elected is laughable. We had a strong economy going in 2019 under Trump before the coronavirus attack, and now we’re in recession with the worst inflation since the 1970s and the lowest consumer confidence levels since record-keeping started in 1952 … all thanks to the incompetent clown show occupying the White House.

“Safety afforded by vaccines” … simply not true as many of us have known for a long while, they’re exactly opposite of “safe and effective.”

The so-called Jan. 6 “insurgency,” as the left likes to call it: most of these folks were escorted into the building by security as if on a tourist tour.

And as a peaceful Republican Trump supporter I am offended when Cooper calls us all “violence-prone supporters.” The truth is the opposite; this is the most law-abiding group you will see, while actual violent-prone people come from Black Lives Matter and other lawless types who burn, loot and terrorize Democrat-controlled cities with impunity. These people the Democrat party sadly supports.

The truth is that today the Democrat party has been completely taken over by Marxists and other radical anti-Americans who appear hell-bent on destroying this country.

Time to wake-up folks, the hour is late!

Greg R. Carroll


Prevailing bad ideas

Zealots in the GOP “law and order” party want to harass and murder FBI and other government officials. Citizens keeping track know the FBI, military, National Guard, etc., may be misused by presidential administrations, against our own people besides foreigners.

However, dedicated professionals risk their careers and lives to speak up, stop abuse and corruption. These individuals, not participants in an evil “deep state,” perform important jobs, no matter their political affiliation: to protect our nation.

Our country’s fore-bearers warned against the possibility of a President going power-mad, like the last, our worst security threat by far. Significantly, electing a decent person in President Joe Biden became imperative!

Yet here we are, millions of people still stuck to “45” like two-sided tape, a tacky dilemma of patriotic rhetoric adhered to trigger-happy delirium pointed at public employees and government institutions.

Stuffing U-hauls with life’s accumulations, some speed toward Idaho away from “the I-5 corridor,” searching remote mountains for “freedom,” few taxes and regulations. Surrounded by “folks like us” with heinous ideas such as harming individuals and environments without consequences.

Rather than moving elsewhere (in mind and/or body), contributing to alienation and violence, change your focus. Support our pluralistic, national reality for a viable, earthly future. Stop bad ideas from spreading.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles