Letters to the editor — Sept. 9, 2020


Keep our Sequim clean

We moved to this area almost a decade ago, astounded by its natural beauty and mild climate. Over the past few years, however, we’ve noticed an alarming increase in roadside litter.

We have heard various explanations for the unsightly accumulation of plastic, paper, and other discarded items. Maybe the pandemic shut down has cancelled road clean up crews, maybe more garbage is being generated by more take out containers, etc. None of this explains the real issue.

Why is garbage thrown out on public roadways in the first place? We simply do not understand why take out food containers cannot be kept in the car until either a suitable bin is located or simply taken home to be disposed of properly. Our native state used an effective slogan, “Don’t Mess with Texas” along with a very stiff $500 fine and a television ad campaign, to stop roadside litter. It didn’t take long for the word to spread and the situation improved dramatically.

We’re asking the good people of Washington state, Clallam County and Sequim to show their home some love and respect. Stop making a mess of the roadways and think before you throw.

Maurine Shimlock and Burt Jones


Mayor’s views ‘distressing’

Thank you for publishing this article exposing Mayor Armacost’s support of QAnon (“Sequim mayor back QAnon on local broadcast,” Peninsula Daily News, Sept. 6, page A-1; also printed in this week’s Sequim Gazette, page A-1). This news is distressing as Mayor Armacost is the leader of our city as well a very public persona who represents our city to the rest of the world.

QAnon theories are hateful, divisive and far-fetched. This reflects poorly on Mayor Armacost that he can embrace this group, and as an extension, it tarnishes our city.

I’m fed up with the tactics used by the Save Our Sequim group, which sought to polarize our residents and have caused so much divisiveness in our community. Now we’ve got a fringe-following mayor sitting at the head of our city council.

We can be better than this.

Christina Cunningham


Assistance appreciated

I would like give a big “shout out” to the drivers and staff at Volunteer Services of Clallam County. They have been extremely helpful with arranging and providing transportation for me to doctor appointments.

I appreciate their help very much.

Tim Wafstet


Kudos to WSP trooper

I am writing to commend Washington State Trooper James Hodgson who assisted me last Sunday, Aug. 23 — absolutely above and beyond.

At 10:50 a.m., my double axle fifth wheel trailer suffered a flat tire on the aft wheel, driver’s side. I was stopped on the eastbound lane of US Highway 104 and its intersection with Wahl Lake Road, about six miles west of the Hood Canal bridge.

At 11:07 am. I called a service company for assistance. A provider arrived within an hour but lacked the necessary lug socket. They left, not to be heard from again. After numerous conversations with different representatives, I was still on the highway shoulder around 4 p.m. — five hours!

At approximately that time, Officer Hodgson stopped and asked if I needed help. I told him the story and wasn’t looking forward to spending the night on the highway. He looked at the tire and said, “I think we can take care of this — I live nearby and will get some tools.” Within the hour he was back with a 5-ton jack, the needed socket and wearing knee pads. He changed my tire and I was back on the road by 5 p.m.

Subsequently, the service company called to say they had not found a service provider but were still looking. I told them the WSP found the appropriate socket and changed the tire. They were amazed. Unheard of …

I remain humbled and grateful for Trooper Hodgson’s help. He is an asset and salute to the State Patrol.

Ray Lockwood

NE Tacoma

Future resident of Sequim

Forde will help remove CSE curriculum

For decades, sexually transmitted disease reduction has remained a primary sex education goal. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates youth ages 15-24 compose 25 percent of the sexually involved population but generate 50 percent of the 20 million new STD cases yearly, now highest level since 1991.

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) proponents fail to acknowledge and warn about soaring sexually transmitted disease rates. Instead of admitting CSE’s STDs reduction failure, all state Democrats — including State Rep. Mike Chapman — voted for mandatory K-12 CSE.

The Guttmacher Institute concludes contraceptive drugs (useless against STDs) is preventing pregnancies, a second primary CSE objective.

CSE discourages value judgments, and ignores discussing self-control, self-discipline, and delayed gratification advantages. Instead FLASH CSE tells students to depend on condoms and contraceptive drugs to prevent pregnancy and STDs, teaching contraceptives are “Good for your health.”

What are numerous, possible medical concerns about harmful, long-term physical and psychological consequences of premature sexual relationships and contraceptive drug use? Should these concerns matter?

Mandated CSE undermines local school board and parental control. Parents can opt out, but how, if their school district follows recommended CSE across the curriculum?

Sue Forde, opposing Chapman, helped collect signatures for Referendum 90 (R-90) to repeal mandatory CSE in November’s election. Chapman rated 10 percent on Washington’s Family Policy Institute’s social, health, and family legislation scorecard. Sue pledges to legislatively remove mandated CSE if R-90 fails. Support rightful parental authority and traditional, American family values. Elect Sue.

Susan Shotthafer

Port Angeles

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