Downtown visual surveys begin

Volunteers help assess needs for ‘Neighborhood Revitalization’

Volunteers kicked off a visual survey on Saturday, Sept. 19, in Downtown Sequim as part of the Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County’s Neighborhood Revitalization project.

Cyndi Hueth, executive director for Habitat for Humanity, said 18 community members from the Sequim Sunrise Rotary, City of Sequim, Wells Fargo and Habitat for Humanity surveyed two of four planned quadrants.

They rated homes on if they may need repair for roofing, doors, windows, yards and more.

Hueth said they’ll assess these first surveys and schedule a meeting soon with constituents from the neighborhood and groups, including church groups, to discuss next steps.

Organizers plan to use $12,000 in grants from the Habitat for Humanity, Sequim Sunrise Rotary and the Rotary Foundation for Neighborhood Revitalization.

Previously, Hueth said they want homeowners to reach out to them for assistance because they want them to recognize the need.

So far, Habitat has received one call from the assigned neighborhoods, she said, but most of their calls are coming from out of Sequim.

“We want to focus on the Sequim residents first,” she said. “We want to know we have X amount of qualified applicants and how do we get there.”

With the initial grant funding, Hueth said they hope to help one to three homes depending on what’s needed.

A date for continued surveying east of Sequim Avenue in Downtown Sequim is to be determined.

Officials with the City of Sequim previously said they do not plan to use the surveys for code enforcement.

Hueth said results from the surveys will be available to the public.

For more information about Sequim’s Neighborhood Revitalization, visit, the Sequim office at 350 W. Washington St., Sequim, or call 681-6780.