Paranormal team explains mysterious phenomenon at schoolhouse

Findings on museum properties show alleged spirits activity

Spirits of some sort seem to be roaming around a few of Sequim’s historical sites and artifacts.

The public got its first chance on April 25 in the Dungeness Schoolhouse to see and hear an investigation by Red Ball Paranormal Investigations for paranormal activity at the schoolhouse and the Museum & Arts Center’s DeWitt Building.

A trio of investigators, Crickett Webster, Stephanie Brock-Farrington and Shawna Falero, shared audio recordings, photos and videos of what they feel may be unexplained phenomenon.

“A lot of photos were thrown out, debunked,” said Webster, chief administrator for the group.

“We’ve built up a reputation. We do everything we can to disprove this.”

They spent hours recording and walking around the schoolhouse on Feb. 20 and in the artifacts room of the museum on March 13.

At the schoolhouse, they allegedly recorded spirits listening for an electronic voice phenomena (EVP), sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices. Some of the phrases heard were “sit,” “I’m here,” “don’t know” “since when” and more in response to their questions.Most of these noises, the investigators said, can’t be heard without a recording device.

Among the photos are unexplained orbs that the investigators feel are not stirred up dust particles or reflections.

They said while taking photos, they snap them consecutively to see an environment with and without any unexplained phenomenon. The investigators also shared two images of what appeared to be a dark figure in a closet above a television in one image.

In their videos, they showed unexplained phenomenon scurrying across the floor at fast speeds and an object reminiscent of a handkerchief floating off screen.

At the administration building, the investigators said the activity wasn’t as lively as the schoolhouse but their EVP recordings may have captured spirits saying things like “sunshine” and “get them off.”

Videos showed a light come and go and an orb go through one of the volunteers on scene.

“If it were dust, as we were walking by the draft would have pushed it away,” Falero said.

All in all, the audience seemed mostly to be believers of the unexplained.

Melinda Hofmann of Sequim enjoyed what they shared.

“It’s neat to see it be so scientific and detailed,” she said. “And it’s nice that real people are doing it and not like those investigations on TV.”

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